Who is Dr. Dris?

This Blog is posting the writings of late Doris E. Roberts, PhD in Metaphysics (1933 – 2009)

Ordained Minister – International Metaphysical Ministry  (IMM), University of Metaphysical    Science – Holistic Seminary College — Summer 1989

Doctorate in Metaphysical Science Msc. D, University of Metaphysics, (UM) May 1990

Doctorate in Philosophy  Ph.D.  (UM) – June 2000

About Wendy

Loving daughter of Doris E. Roberts, PhD (Metaphysics) dedicated to publishing her mother’s words. Fondly known as Dr. Dris, she has provided many with spiritual counseling in so many ways. Read on….

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  1. admin says:

    This blog is dedicated to the memory of my beautiful mother…Dr. Doris E Roberts, a Metaphysician, founder of the Fellowship of Cosmic Consciousness United Spiritually.

    Please read and provide input on her work with Mystical Magic of Love and Attraction (as part of her PhD thesis)…

    Read on……
    Wendy Candela,

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