Session Two: Miracle Making – Marriage of self within the Self

The Sacred Marriage of the right brain (feminine energy) and the left brain (masculine) generates a state of total well being-ness.  It is in the connection, within of the mental atmosphere, of the two: 1) the sub-consciousness with, 2) conscious awareness which opens the pathway to a higher state of cosmic consciousness within the individual.  […]

Session Two: Miracle Making – Open the Way

Miracle Making is the Mystical Union of Female and Male Principles That releases Healing Energy. Androgynous Method:  All individuals possess male and female hormones and all are, therefore, basically androgynous. Angels are Androgynous.In this Mystical Magical Love and Attraction Master Series, which you have undertaken, the word androgyny, in this context, refers to the blending of two […]

Session One: Live Your Dream: Change your mind and help create Miracles

Time now has come for humanity as a whole to understand that a miracle is simply changing one’s mind. It is easy to say and often the most difficult thing to do.  We all have been Right Machines for many lifetimes and have defended ourselves to the death and destruction of all we believed to […]

Session One: Live Your Dream – “The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth”

Remember also it is important to realize that how you hold the people in your life in your mind is often how they react in your presence.  Let go of the old way of thinking of them the way they were and see the good in them and, right before your very own eyes, the […]

Session One: Live Your Dream: The Miracle of Change

The Miracle of Change   People can and do change often without realizing it.  It is necessary to let go of typecasting your self and others.  To live a dream is to give up all your old tapes and accept your new reality.  So when you discover that your dream goal is a possible living […]

Session One: Live Your Dream – Be Your Own Best Friend

Be your own Best Friend  You deserve to live your dream.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Give yourself a break.  Give up being all things to all people.  Allow yourself to be your own best friend.  You are worthy of all the good life has to offer in your life.  When you grow, you […]

Session One: Live Your Dream – Build a Support System

Build a Support System A dream requires a supportive environment around the dreamer so it can manifest into reality.  Interact with others in an open, honest way.  Support growth and trust in others as well as yourself.  Build a united bond with others in a community sense that eliminates harmful and hurtful things around you.  […]

Session One: Live Your Dream – Stay Focused

Stay Focused Fuel the fire in the heart of your dream and be willing to give others time to understand you and your dream.  Be intimate with yourself and others who are a vital part of your dream.  Keep communication open so that you may realize what works and doesn’t work for you.  Don’t get […]