The Missing Peace: Where is our soul? We often tell ourselves “It is lost and I cannot find it!”  It always stays just out of our grasp.  Many of you may think of this Missing Peace as your Guardian Angel.  You may feel you have found your Soul Contact.  Have you?  Souls or Messengers of God? […]


What is happening to our world today? Nothing seems to be the same. Why can we not just let things be the way they have always been? What’s going on? Why is the world appearing to change so rapidly around us? Change is not something that comes easily nor do many easily accept it.  But […]

Miracles: Simply a Change of Mind

The following becomes more apparent in your life: ·         Almost instant manifestation of your thoughts. ·         Things and situations necessary for your growth come forth. ·         Confrontation with blocked energy occurs and allows you to dissolve blocks opening the way to higher vibrational energy. This ability to tap into higher states of consciousness is very […]