Spiritual Sophistication

What is happening in the world today?  Our Spirit appears to be lost and our love relationships are continually changing.  Long ago and far away from some now unknown and no longer recalled source, the word ‘spiritual’ was an idealistic concept that was described as a: 1)      Special relationship with self, 2)      Satisfying relationship with […]

Simple Solutions

One of the simplest solutions is to become involved in a mystical experience established around what is termed non-judgmental love and its closest cousin, forgiveness.  In its intense forms, so are praying, meditating, dancing, singing and laughing.  Fortunately, passion is an important part of each for a positive emotional involvement and enjoyment in praying, meditating, […]

A Mystical Experience

What constitutes a mystical experience?  And how does this assist in survival? Is mysticism merely a conscious awareness of an inner connection to a different reality?  Is it a realization that our sense of self has expanded to include another possible way other than just intellectualizing? That the “I-alone-in-the-world” attitude has evolved in a uncertain, […]

The Human Body

Human’s personal roles require a better understanding and awareness in defining the power base establishment of leadership roles for solidly secured communities.  Perhaps this arrangement began as a way to consider risking the sexual intermingling of families and cultures for more choices.  Survival of the fittest is nature’s way.  The cause brought about the effect […]

Applying Physiological Relationship Protocols

We are all very aware of the main physical differences between men and women.  It is easy to forget or ignore the basic fine-line differences in the brain formation of each gender.  Simply stated, female brains have a larger corpus callosum than those found in male brains. The corpus callosum is a large bundle of […]

Male and Female Energy Balance – a discussion

One of the most important aspects in the balancing of Male and Female Energies is how the pure energy of our male and female hormones activate personality traits in the living forms we call human. Of great importance, also, is how does the human glandular (hormone) system assist in evolving the common cultural traits of […]