The Law of Love and Attraction

Seek One, Search Two, Discover Three

 “The Journey of True Self Discovery comes to everyone of us as an inner urging to seek, search and discover that which is known of self and yet appears to be unknown.”     …Dr. Doris E. Roberts

Self Discovery is a lifetime process of living with outer change and inner transformation.  Making it fun is the challenge.  The joy is in the realization that transformation is a natural phenomenon and it truly is great because no one really wants to stay the same forever. Change is merely the process of being at one with one’s living environment.  

 Life is all about expanding continually moment by moment, filling each microsecond with a heartbeat of experiential existence, preferably the best of all there is. As we grow we gain more knowledge of why we are here now in this form on this planet.  We are each on our own Sacred Mission so why not make it an adventure?  Isn’t it about time to discover our very own mission and purpose for this lifetime?

Consider it The First Step UP.

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The Magical Trio: Charm, Kindness, and Humor

I.  Charm is defined in this context as the power to arouse love and admiration. It makes you attractive and fascinating, influencing others as if by magic.  It is closely linked to enchantment: To enchant means to delight completely, to enrapture with joy – literally to encircle with song.  A truly charming personality is magical and mysterious having an alchemical effect on his or her surroundings.  Charm attracts people to you because you are genuinely interesting and engaging.  Charm also attracts Angels.                       

II.  Kindness is another element of Lightness.  A kind person will also attract Angels – and unkind person will repel everyone especially Angels.  Think about it.  Being kind is agreeable, open and without effort.  When it is forced, it is too sweet, a substitute like saccharine, for it leaves a bitter aftertaste with both parties – the giver and the receiver.                  When kindness is real – it is pure and delightful! 

III.  Humor is the essence of a light, loving open heart.  However, there is a fine line between making fun of another person and true wit.  Both discover the absurd and the ridiculous in life, but wit does it in a comfortable way so that no one is offended.  Being witty or having a sense of humor doesn’t automatically mean you make fun of anyone, including yourself.  Ridiculing others is neither charming nor funny – even when you are the brunt of your own jokes. Being witty means having the ability to combine words and ideas in a clever way that appeals to the intellect in everyone.  

Also having a sense of humor does not mean that you are the one who creates the humor.  It means you have the ability to appreciate and enjoy amusing situations and a good laugh.

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Soul Awareness and Expansion:

You can begin to fulfill your mission as the world moves and expands more into this millennium.  As you are exposed to more clarity – you will discover that you are opening yourself to better use of your personal power and creative energy.  It is important that you realize you have access to the Wisdom of your Soul.  This you do knowingly or unknowingly by your willingness to be open to connect with your Angelic Awareness Guides, the Messengers of Light.  My question of you at this point is: “Will you be able to continue to keep your Celestial Communications open and operating?” The Importance of Intentions:  What really is your intention in this matter of mastering your Life?  Do you seek to take away any one else’s power from them?  Are you being an energy thief without being aware of it?  Do you come silently into others’ fields of energy (auras) and drain them of their energy when they are not aware?  Is this being deliberately done by you or are you unaware that this is what you are doing?Or is all this Energy Robbing being done to you? Check it out.  How often do you feel drained in your daily life?  What situations are you in at the time and who were you with? If you are not sure how this is done, it may be time to read the “Celestine Prophecy” if you have not done so already.  James Redfield, the author, describes this phenomenon very well.  It is always wise to realize that there is an energy draining environment in place in the world, but do not become obsessed by it.  Be aware of it and choose not to become involved in it and it will pass you by. Recognition Time:Learn to recognize what is happening to you or around you.  Look to your own thoughts.  What are your fears that you attract to you?  If you still have an issue on this, surround yourself with white light.  Secondly, be aware of your surroundings you are in and the “thought transference” environment that exists.  If you are a sensitive, this danger exists in your mind.  It well may be that the person is draining you because you are the one allowing it to happen because of an issue within your self that requires some healing.Remember that nothing can harm or hurt you unless some deeply embedded belief inside you allows this to happen.  Nothing in this world just happens TO YOU, there first must be an attraction FROM YOU.  Know that when you realize this insight, the Angelic White Light that you can surround yourself with when you are in a draining situation, is enough to protect you.  Wear a crystal on your person to remind you of its protection.  One of the best is Rutilated Quartz…it assists in removing any depression or sad thoughts that may have triggered the drain in the first place.

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Ease as opposed to Disease

Ease as opposed to Disease may be seen as a state of harmonious equilibrium between the two equally potent cerebral hemispheres of the brain.  Without this balanced state, our world often becomes formless and void of love and worthy goals.  Ease is a harmonious state of Holistic Perfection.  Be at ease.Daily examine closely within yourself why is it you seek out this knowledge?  Is it to be used to obtain that which you desire, i.e., wealth, good health, another’s love, so that you may become more powerful – more in control?  Or is it to assist humanity by being an example of someone who is walking in the light of love, sharing awareness just by being his or her self – full to the brim and spilling over with human kindness, non-judgmental love and compassion? 

What is compassion?  It is a caring heart and a level head. 

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Thoughts are Powerful Energy

Thoughts are powerful energy resources and environmental controllers.    Many of you may be working in energy draining environments.  Some of you may have this type of person in your home environment.  Anyone who is ILL (I Lack Love) in any way often robs others’ energy without even realizing it.  People, who feel hurt for any reason, emotionally or physically, are unsafe to be around.  Because they hurt, they only have hurt to give to others.  When you surround yourself with the Light of Loving Energy, in your presence they will be safe and not hurt as much.  In this way, also, your own energy will remain whole and protect you.  Children especially require a lot of love to feel safe in these trying times.  Do give them your focused attention.  Listen to them.  Surround them with love. Childhood is a very traumatic experience. They will seek out attention from adults either by positive or not so positive behavior…what they are requiring is your attention.  It is very important that as the caretaker adult that you continually surround yourself with White Light so that the children feel safe and un-hurting in your presence.

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Marriage of self within the Self:

The Sacred Marriage of the right brain (feminine energy) and the left brain (masculine) generates a state of total well being-ness.  It is in the connection, within of the mental atmosphere, of the two: 1) the sub-consciousness with,  2) conscious awareness which opens the pathway to a higher state of cosmic consciousness within the individual.  In effect, it allows one to operate out of a more androgynous state of aware-ness.  In this state one is able to more easily detach oneself from those things that cause one to be involved continually in challenges and , which no longer serve the individual.

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A Divine Mystery

Whatever it is…it seems to be going around these days…you find yourself kind of staring out into space, your mind feeling like it has gone flat line with no apparent activity going on and your emotions are becoming very fragile and unnerving.  You explode at the slightest impulse or cry tears anywhere and anytime with no reasonable explanation. There is so much change going on that nothing seems to be staying the same for very long anymore…it’s all very unsettling and a bit overwhelming.

Sound familiar to you? 

Could it be that you are experiencing the most widespread phenomena of this accelerated, evolutionary time in this Planet’s history?

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The Missing Peace:

Where is our soul? We often tell ourselves “It is lost and I cannot find it!”  It always stays just out of our grasp.  Many of you may think of this Missing Peace as your Guardian Angel.  You may feel you have found your Soul Contact.  Have you? 

Souls or Messengers of God?

Do you know that your Soul can never be lost?  It is always with you.  It is waiting for you to expand and add more experiences to its memory this lifetime.  Life is all about gathering experiences.  Your personal God has a residence in the Limbic Stem area of your Brain.  We have forgotten how to reach our God.  It is time to remember again. Your God is like a little black box inside of your brain, which contains all the information of your Soul’s many lifetimes and lessons learned.  It houses your wisdom.  It is always there, it is always functioning, and it is always providing you with knowledge to keep you going, to keep you living, to keep you creating that which you continually expand to be.  Even without your asking.  If you ask and contact it via Angel’s Avenue, this personal energy source is able to assist you more, but it will never tell you what to do.  The choice of experiences is always up to you.  Angels can make your life easier, or put more challenges in your way; it is entirely up to you in the way you choose to look at who and what you are.  Are you a victim?  Or are you a student learning important lessons?  Many of us have chosen to not use our guides and do it the hard way.  That’s okay, too.  Our Angels are the Messengers of God who do not judge; they only love.

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What is happening to our world today? Nothing seems to be the same. Why can we not just let things be the way they have always been? What’s going on? Why is the world appearing to change so rapidly around us? Change is not something that comes easily nor do many easily accept it.  But people do change often without realizing it.  Perhaps we do not have much choice in the matter.

                            OUR SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS 

From my own particular viewpoint, what the world is going through presently is more than mere change; it is transmutation down to our very cellular level. What is required of all of us is a personal understanding that it is more than merely another change going on now.  It is more like the majority of us are creating an almost impossible living reality to follow. We must begin to realize that it is time for all of humanity to give up what we thought were obvious human limitations and perceive them as lessons that we keep re-creating over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

In this current period of modern existence especially, we are wasting much of our time and energy concentrating on the way it used to be.The time has finally come for all of us to be here and now in this day and age. The past is past and the future is in the making NOW.

One great way we can change our minds truly is by looking at our own particular life from another view. If we do, will we discover that as unique individuals we no longer need to put our souls in a small closet somewhere and throw away the key?  Can it be that Life is what we make of it, not IT of US?

                             CO-CREATOR TIME

If you are a responsible person in your own right with an intelligent mind of your own, you can be (if you are not already) on top of your very own list of long awaited personal discoveries. Are you looking for that special one that makes you more aware and capable of understanding what is truly happening?

It just might be that the time has come for you to graduate with honors from the “High School of Everyday Living Lessons.” Can it be that you are finally free to move on to the next highest level — the “The University of Co-creation of Heaven on Earth.”   It may provide you with one of the greatest experiences anyone can obtain in any lifetime on this 3D planet.

We are at a rare point in time where humanity as a whole has decisions to make — for this is the time that has been predicted by many in our past history.  Where we go from here depends on the choices we make as human beings.  Are we ready to fulfill our very own special reason for being here this lifetime? Fortunately, it was never meant for us to have to do it alone. 

For example, the amazing dream realized by the Super Bowl winners, the New England Patriots. Their accomplishments was a prime example of being able to live a dream, individually, successfully, and collectively with the many fans who learned much also from cooperating in a “Dream Come True Program.” 


The secret to making a dream come true is keeping your mind on the goal and work as a team of one…the One Connection. And it does take practice.  For many of us (if we look around with clear eyes) we are provided an opportunity to realize that every one of us is already in the midst of our own wildest dream.  Even though some of us may not realize it, we can still create our very own Dream Plan of Action.  Make no mistake. We are born with Free Will so that we can determine which choices will have to be made along the long road that leads to accomplishing our own special dream. 

Remember that it is important to recognize that how each one of us holds the people in our lives in our own mind is often how they react in our presence.  We are much stronger than we think we are.  We have to let go of the old way of thinking of the world (pre-conceived notions) and see the grand purpose in everything we do, think and feel.  If we truly do recognize it right before our very own eyes, the miracle of change for the greatest good has already begun to move in our direction. This sounds like a fairy tale for children, but it is not.  In this, our world of many dimensions, there is a very personal stream of crystal clear consciousness that surrounds each and every one of us. We often refer to it as Angels or think of it as Angles of Light. Whether we are aware of it or not, the Universe around us automatically reflects back to us who we are and how we think. It is continually rearranging Itself to fit our very own picture of reality.  Why not test it?  Begin today to seriously change the way you think about someone or something and wait upon your world to reflect the new image back to you.  Don’t expect it immediately, it may take some time for the Universe to take us seriously and to set things in motion. This awareness involves Universal Laws, especially the Law of Attraction and the Law of Reflection.  More about this later.                           


Any dream worth living is a dream worth the gift of our time and attention.  It should stretch our capabilities and allow us to focus on challenging growth, able to press against boundaries now existing in our own environment. We are meant to discover the leading edge of whatever we have set out this lifetime to accomplish. Then our job is to begin to accept and feel that it is possible. What we are thinking, doing and accomplishing, step by step can actualize the dream into form in our lives. The key is to enjoy it and recognize the dream as it develops within. Stay with it all the way until it becomes a living reality resource for the majority of those closest to you to recognize.As a unique individual, it is important that you thoroughly understand on a conscious and subconscious level that your dream is not impossible to reach.  Expect deep doubts and fears to come to the surface of your mind about this time.  That is to be expected for it is one of the functions of the left brain hemisphere – to question decisions.  If you are ready and determined, you will continue to move forward in the active task of living it.                       


Even questioning if the time is right for you today may assist you in making some necessary plans at this point tomorrow.  Some dreams are only meant to fulfill fantasies in our lives.  But if your dream is meant to be real, there may be things you had not thought of that you must do before you can realize and experience it in your daily life.  It is therefore important to take some time to set up achievable goals to assure your mind that you are on the right track and that you are very serious about creating them in your life.  As you systemically go about accomplishing each step, it is wise to always have other goals to replace them with when completed. Develop a three-month plan, a six-month plan, a one-year plan, and a five-year plan.  No matter how long it takes, know that you will accomplish your goals to live your dream as long as it remains a realistic one for you and it harms or hurts no one. A plan of action assures accomplishment and gain even if your dream changes form and goes forth in another direction. Allow it some space to do so.  If your intentions of seeking accomplishment are still intact, it may prove to be a better way to go.  For example, if anyone close to you is an important part of your dream, be sure to share just enough of it so that the person understands and can share in the realization of your vision becoming an actual reality.  But if you know it is too soon to be in recruitment, hold off until you are secure in the realization that it is truly your dream and not the dream of someone who recruited YOU in theirs.  Unless of course, you desire it to be your dream, also, and it turns out to be a great match like the Super Bowl Victory.                                     


If more people are important to the dream, communicate with them in such a way that they can get excited also and realize that it is a big enough vision for them to be an essential part of it also.  At this point it is the easiest time to take yourself out of a dream if those you wanted to be a vital part of it are not interested and will not help you in any way.  Remember that a dream vision worth living that includes others often only comes together and works if there is a united cooperative creative energy between all involved, similar to the players and the fans.  Your timing may just be off.  It helps to be passionate about your dream for sooner or later, others who have been waiting for a similar dream to enter their lives, will be ready, willing and able to take an active role in an important part of your dream vision.  One good dream surely desires to be a part of the unlimited possibilities of others.  Remember there is no lesser or greater.  There is only the involvement of the hearts of most people to be in the greatest relationship of all, with their God, the One Connection with the “All That Is.”


It does help if you understand that a miracle is often simply changing your mind.  Easy to say and often the most difficult thing to do.  We are “Right Machines” and for many lifetimes we have defended our beliefs to the death and destruction of all that made a difference in our lives.  Even in these difficult times, notice how many still have to risk their lives and those of their children and grandchildren to prove they are right in their beliefs and suffer the consequences.  Ask yourself now if it is worth it (when we appear to be risking total annihilation of Planet Earth) to think that our way is the only way? Just who is benefiting from this type of war of terror?  Can we not have a peaceful association with all humanity and less monetary avarice practiced by most of the high and mighty rulers of this Earth?  This is an important priority for all humanity to consider in this day and age.  Wonderful long awaited dreams can come true now more than ever before if we can ignore the Bringers of Gloom and Doom whose market is selling FEAR — False Evidence Appearing Real — which causes us sadness and anxiety and blocks the way to dream fulfillment.                            


It is time to ignore the Dictators of Darkness and see a bright Light at the end of the tunnel.  We have much to gain not only for our individual selves but also for all of humanity.  Remember: Happiness is feeling safe and secure within your own self.  The following two Universal Laws are involved in any decision making process. 


We attract to us personally that which we think, feel, and believe to be true.     


What we see in others we have in ourselves or we would not be able to see it in them (this includes the Not So Good along with the GOOD).      


Time to make a choice that makes a positive difference for us all by concentrating on love, life and liberty for everyone.  Remember: True Happiness is feeling safe and secure within your own self.   

D. Paine Roberts, Msc.D., Ph.D.

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Miracles: Simply a Change of Mind

The following becomes more apparent in your life:

·         Almost instant manifestation of your thoughts.

·         Things and situations necessary for your growth come forth.

·         Confrontation with blocked energy occurs and allows you to dissolve blocks opening the way to higher vibrational energy.

This ability to tap into higher states of consciousness is very potent.  And those interested in continuing to pursue it should never do so without the guidance of a spiritual teacher/counselor.  For without knowledge on how to direct and use it correctly for your own well being, this dynamic force can cause some serious issues to come into play in your life.  It must never be used to attempt to try to control and use others for your own selfish purposes.  It works best for the good of all concerned so that it is a win-win for everyone.  Ask yourself if you have any doubts:  “Would it be all right if everyone did what I want to do with this Universal Life Force Energy?”

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