Family Greeting

Today is a good day to wish all my family greetings!!  Mom would not have it any other way…she is at peace with all that she was and all that she was not.  Never sleep all you want, eat all you want, drink all you want or spend all you want.   Wish we lived closer so we could enjoy one anothers company.  Love & Peace to all your families!!  Love Dorrie xoxoxox

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More on Spiritual Sophistication

Has love taken a back seat?  It certainly has no direction and no purpose for many of us.  We usually take love for granted if we feel it at all in present day life. We talk about our conscious decisions and unconscious habits, or even our conscious egos and our unconscious motivations, believing they try to run and rule our lives.  But are we sure we know what we mean when we say these things?  While there are many of us who believe in consciousness as a very special genuine thing like love or gold, we are also being advised that it may all be an illusion, that none of it is real.



C. Dennett in his book, Consciousness Explained, (1991:23), contended that in this (today’s) conscious awareness, we limit ourselves to not having the thrilling, devastating, or energizing experiences of love that our ancestors had. Therefore somehow we feel a sense of loss, of something missing from our lives. And most of us are not sure just what is missing.

Perhaps he was right. Do the majority of us in or out of any type of relationship (including the three mentioned) feel incomplete, for the dominating shadow side of our minds say that life is neither as fulfilling nor satisfying as it once was?

Dennett also states that, “consciousness like love and money is a phenomenon that does indeed depend to a surprising extent on its associated concepts.  Although, like love, it has an elaborate biological base; like money, some of its most significant features are borne along on the culture, not simply inherent, somehow, in the physical structure of its instances.”

If Dennett is right, if we have succeeded in overthrowing some of our basic cultural concepts, will the phenomena of consciousness be threatened with extinction completely?  And if it goes, will love and money also go along with it?  What is a phenomenon anyway?  Can we handle it whatever it appears to be?

Our human ability to conceptualize consciousness is what creates and dissipates life, as we know it now.  If this concept of our own consciousness were to fall into the hands of our dispassionate scientific community only and totally out of the realm of creative spiritual passionate fulfillment, what happens to unconditional love and free will?

If we were to reduce life to be merely a matter of motion, what happens to our appreciation of love and growing pains as well as dreams and the joy of living life to the fullest?  What about compassion, which requires both mind and heart (reason and emotion)?  In what other form can human passion truly exist?

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Spiritual Sophistication

What is happening in the world today?  Our Spirit appears to be lost and our love relationships are continually changing.  Long ago and far away from some now unknown and no longer recalled source, the word ‘spiritual’ was an idealistic concept that was described as a:

1)      Special relationship with self,

2)      Satisfying relationship with other human beings,

3)      Superior relationship with God or some other form of Infinite Intelligence.

The understanding of these three aspects of spirituality was required to graduate from the University of Planet Earth.  All worldly cultures and classes of people at one time appeared to maintain the belief of one or all of these basic human conditions.  It was a slow, oftentimes comforting process to encompass all three at the same time.  What happened?

C. Dennett in his book, Consciousness Explained, (1991:23) suggests that when we entered the 21st century that a special phenomenon dominated our social world culture.  He believes that a dramatic shift in the way humans think about love and life has occurred because we became more sophisticated as a society.  He wrote that people used to talk and think about love in ways that are now practically unavailable – except to children, and to those who can somehow manage to suppress their adult knowledge regarding love – and that was that we use to love to tell those we love that we loved them and to hear from them that we are loved in return. 

When we were children, love was a purely simple unconditional and fairly reliable thing.  Are we now better or worse as adults?  Are we are not quite as sure anymore if we know what love means as we once did?  Has there been a truly dramatic and possibly traumatic shift in love consciousness in this day and age?

Dennett suggested that love is not completely socially uniform anymore for everyone.  As a whole, he propounded, our culture has become more sophisticated.  It is his contention that even if we think of love like those in a romantic novel best seller, we know better than to express these imagined feelings to anyone including ourselves. 

He wrote that we think that it wouldn’t be the manly or womanly thing to do today. Obviously, in Dennett’s opinion, love does appear to be a “control device” in our current society. Admitting to passionate love is admitting to being weak…and as simple as a naive child who doesn’t know any better. Is this really true in this day and new age?  Do we really think of love as a “control device?”   

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The Missing Peace

“Where is our soul?”

We often ask ourselves, “Is it lost and I cannot find it?”  It always stays just out of our grasp.  Many of you may think of this Missing Peace as your Guardian Angel.  You may feel you have found your Soul Contact.  Have you?

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Physiological Realizations and Assumptions

             We are all very aware of the main physical differences between men and women.  We often forget about the basic fine-line differences in brain formation of each gender.  Simply stated, females have brains that house a larger corpus callosum than males.  The corpus callosum is the bundle of nerves connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain and acts much like a switchboard.  It is a very fascinating complex switching station.  The actual function of the corpus callosum in the center of the brain between the two hemispheres is to assist the individual in moving quickly from one hemisphere’s applications to the other hemisphere’s assistance and back again with ease.  Because of the larger size of corpus callosum in a female, it is much easier for her to switch back and forth from one brain hemisphere’s primary operating system functions to the other brain hemisphere’s specialized applications than it is for her male counterpart.  Is there a plausible explanation of why it is easier for women to flow in and out of the right brain activity that provides a much easier access to the limbic area that is located at the base of the skull on the top of the spinal column?  One theory holds that all human emotions are controlled by the functions of our original ancient brain in the limbic stem area.  This location is in direct contact with the heart center in our physical bodies via our highly sensitive nervous system. 

In the human body, just below the protection of the breastbone, is the “heart center” location.  Several inches below this center is the sensitive “solar plexus” that is looked upon in Far-Eastern Cultures as the powerful soul center.  Doc Childre, author of the book “The HeartMath Solution,” and subsequent audiotapes and assisted by Howard Martin with Donna Beech, (ISBN 0-694-52175-2 {1999} audio tape version) offer astonishing proof that this “heart location” has intelligence, one that profoundly affects our mental and physical health. 

             *In metaphysical training, one of the basic premises taught is that the human being is made up of five different and associated atmospheres: 1) mental, 2) physical, 3) spiritual, 4) financial and 5) emotional.  We often forget or downplay the emotional atmosphere each of us operates under.  It is the center point in the middle of a diamond shape surrounded by the other four.   (*See comment to blog entry)It follows that the pathway to the limbic stem area located at the base of the skull in the brain is where emotions are translated into physical reality through our nervous system connections into the right brain hemisphere.  I refer to this as the One Connection Pathway.   This connection in the human brain’s central nervous system center did not just pop into an empty space in our skull overnight.  Our brains’ functional activities developed over thousands of years.

Historians believe the brain in humans first began its operation at the base of the skull in the limbic stem area, as mentioned previously.  Scientists differ on when this was, but the most popular belief is about 5 million years ago.  Only as recently as perhaps 2.5 million years ago, the right brain hemisphere came into existence.  This leaves the left-brain as the youngest part but there is some disagreement when it appeared to dominate in what is known as the Age of Reason. Different dates provided are in the range of 26,000 to only 13,000 years ago when it appeared to be fully active. 


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Humanity today is in the process of developing a more intuitive awareness as Earth enters further into the Photon Light Belt, which is an important part of our vast Universe. My belief is that this event, which began in 2000 A.D., has been triggering new genetic connections in our individual molecular make-up or DNA.   One of the most important aspects into the understanding of our 21st Century male and female relationships to each individual self and each other is how the pure energy of our individual male and female hormones actively balances our personality traits in this new evolution of Humanus Intueri (Intuitive Humans).  

The foremost question that requires an answer today is: How does the human glandular hormone system assist in balancing our individual male and female energies in this New World of Continual Change that is now happening so swiftly among Earth’s humanity?   Is it merely a sophisticated mental process arrived at by all the current cultural societies during this Age of Information? Many of those involved in human development today suggest it may well be. Or could it be that it may just be a natural state of growing wiser as our Earth grows older along with the human species.  

It is important to note that many historians now believe that several times during the evolution of this planet, human existence experienced a radical decline in numbers and was very close to complete annihilation.  Under these types of survival risks and circumstances, “fight or flight” hormones surely assisted in bringing about longer living opportunities.   How does this information relate to the current terrorism that is happening on our world?  Is it because of the need of Planet Earth to rid itself of those who are wasting the land and destroying villages and people? Is it possible that chaos occurs often on our planet because we are not immune to the vibrational energy that is happening on the surface, no matter the specific location? Will Mother Nature do whatever she can to make this planet a better place to exist?  And what does that look like? While many so-called experts do agree our modern males have a mind functioning mainly in their left-brain (a logical, reasonable, aggressive base of operation), they  acknowledge female minds are more at home in their spatial,  spiritually  connected  right-brain  area    a  non-linear,  unlimited, associated, activity domain  required  for nurturing and supporting survival of the species.  

Together we sexually guarantee human survival on this Planet.  Fortunately both genders have the ability to switch from one hemisphere to the other as needed. But there is one basic physiological factor in male and female brains that makes a big difference in how men and women think.  Before gathering evidence from supportive fieldwork research studies that qualify that particular assumption, it was necessary to apply some specific statements for the foundation of any future exploration into this important issue, i.e., the balancing of human physical and spiritual natures.

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Love Connection

Love is indeed the best known traveled road in mankind’s search of inner transcendence, whether or not we realize it is the path we selected to be on.  Love, as most of us think of it, is often attached to a person, place or thing outside of ourselves.  It comes disguised as a form of possessiveness, which was emotionally provided at birth as the way to survive until adulthood. 

Childhood, unfortunately, is a very traumatic experience for us all.  Consequently, it is the loss of what we term possessions that create grief and rage during childhood, which spills over into adulthood.   Until we come to terms with the concept of prosperity and realize that once created experiences and things can be created again.  But true love often remains outside our grasp.  Love, we discover, is not a possessive ownership of anything or anyone.  It is the base foundation necessary to experience free choice. We are no longer in bondage.  With love comes our freedom to be.   

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What is Mystical Love?

Mystical (or Spiritual Love) is a kind of unconditional love.  It is love that exists without the feeling of having to possess and control…without an intended focus on one person or thing or even a certain special feeling.  It is the feeling of total freedom, which we all seek and search for in each and every lifetime.  For every one of us, be we male or female, adult or child, it’s the one and only “One Connection,” which equates to the “Whole Connection,” which in turn makes us “wholely” or as many prefer, “Holy.”  It is not necessary for everyone to experience it as a total overwhelming reality by two or more people at the same time all the time.   

Mystical Love is very sacred, private, and personal.  Surely it helps to be among others who are living and experiencing the same type of love connection. There are also occasions when it is very appropriate to meet together in a group with others to experience this combined mystical experience.   

It is not being suggested that everyone on earth needs to experience this love together or even uniting together as one force to dispel the darkness of life on this planet.  It works on an individual basis also.  There is a time and place for all things mystical.  Each individual involved in the personal experience of this love will serve self, others and their chosen God just by being it, living it, sharing it with the world from their heart.

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Simple Solutions

One of the simplest solutions is to become involved in a mystical experience established around what is termed non-judgmental love and its closest cousin, forgiveness.  In its intense forms, so are praying, meditating, dancing, singing and laughing.  Fortunately, passion is an important part of each for a positive emotional involvement and enjoyment in praying, meditating, dancing, singing and laughing.  If there is no love, there will be no joy, no connection with the inner self.  Instead, there is resisting and criticizing that leads to more doubting disappointments and a feeling of something always missing.  Therefore, one experiences hollowness instead of wholeness…a “none-ness.”  Non-judgmental love is missing, leaving a “vacancy” sign where the heart was once located.


Recognition comes when emotional pain is so great that a person will try anything to be released from it.  Surrendering to unconditional love brings into focus a great after-effect benefit experience. It produces a chemical in the brain which triggers natural pain-relieving endorphins, which explains why many spiritual counselors call this type of love “a natural high,” when it is experienced often in everyday life by a personality who surrounds his or her self with this atmosphere of unconditional love.   This is an easy experience to come by.  Determination, discipline and desire are all that is necessary for attainment.

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Procreation Sophistication

Our history as humans became more exposed to other tribal customs when our own leaders began to realize the important function of procreation.   In ancient days, someone or something had to be the cause of the problem of deformed and/or stillbirths.  Without the knowledge we have today, it was realistic to blame women and thereby the need to obtain more control over them.  What happened if less than perfect babies or no babies continued to happen to their women?  Simple-minded response occurred.  “What cannot be fixed must be discarded.” Or “If it works don’t try to change it.” The Result: other women were procured to breed healthy children. 

Assuming to be totally responsible for giving birth to less than perfect beings, what choice did any woman have?   For survival alone, it was imperative that women develop an easier, faster access to both brain hemispheres equally to endure life during the long, dark ages of depression and suppression of every female be she mother, wife, sister or daughter  — hence the larger corpus callosum in women.  

Can this be the plausible explanation as to why women became very adept and capable of holding a totally different concept at the same time she is performing involved detailed work?  This ability also requires concentrated effort and attention to do more than one thing at a time with ease since much was demanded and expected of her.  It is also wise to consider that because of the position humanity found itself in long before recorded history and time, it is not unlikely that men and women would begin to discover more evidence of how each gender managed to survive in a world of possession, dominance and control?  Whether any findings can and will be taken seriously by the world at large is another matter, but surely it must be expressed and examined on its own accord in the specific arena of the Philosophy of Human Relationships as a mystical experience.  Perhaps also, the many lifetimes all of us have lived with this emotional issue has ensured its lasting endurance into this new century where technical expertise can be used for the discovery of the Secrets to the Mysteries of the Ancients when we were able to talk one-to-one with their God.

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