Blog Dedication

In memory of my mother, I am posting all her words as if she is here amongst us in body, if not in spirit.

She was born 1933 and died May 7, 2009….she has left with me a body of work that deserves to be shared.  I have always thought of her as a writer, and after reading her journal entries and work on her laptop, I know FOR A FACT, I was not wrong…..please read her words, every chance you get!

Visit this blog often and feel free to leave your thoughts and comments … She is with us in spirit as she was in life! 

Love to Dr. Dris, Dr. Doris Roberts, Doris Paine, Doris, Auntie Doris, Mommy, Mom, Grandma, and Gran-D….we love you!

Wendy Roberts Candela

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