Session One: Live Your Dream – Be Flexible

Be Flexible

A better idea and easier way might come to you in the middle of an idea.  Check it out.  Do not rush into another way. Test the water before jumping in.  Don’t pretend you know everything.  Keep an open mind to new possibilities.  Flexibility can be one of the most powerful lessons you can give those around you who may be assisting you in pursuing your vision.  Admit to your own shortcomings and respect yourself and others will respect you back.

About Dr. Dris

Dr Doris E. Roberts, PhD, Metaphysics (1933-2009) is a major contributor of posts from her metaphysical projects and research written during her lifetime. Some of the wording has been edited in italics with the original words in parenthesis, The essence of her writing is here copied from her electronic files as archived by her eldest daughter, Wendy Roberts Candela.


Session One: Live Your Dream – Be Flexible — 3 Comments

  1. No doubt…no one is perfect…when I turned 33 years old, I was away in Hospital Corps School and feeling totally isolated and she wrote to tell me, …the best advise I can give a 33 year old daughter is to quit trying to be perfect, you’re already perfect the way you are…

    I saved that letter, and I know it is amongst my momento’s somewhere…….
    I love you, Mom!!!!

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