Marriage of self within the Self:

The Sacred Marriage of the right brain (feminine energy) and the left brain (masculine) generates a state of total well being-ness.  It is in the connection, within of the mental atmosphere, of the two: 1) the sub-consciousness with,  2) conscious awareness which opens the pathway to a higher state of cosmic consciousness within the individual.  In effect, it allows one to operate out of a more androgynous state of aware-ness.  In this state one is able to more easily detach oneself from those things that cause one to be involved continually in challenges and , which no longer serve the individual.

About Dr. Dris

Dr Doris E. Roberts, PhD, Metaphysics (1933-2009) is a major contributor of posts from her metaphysical projects and research written during her lifetime. Some of the wording has been edited in italics with the original words in parenthesis, The essence of her writing is here copied from her electronic files as archived by her eldest daughter, Wendy Roberts Candela.


Marriage of self within the Self: — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, because if you can’t identify a committment like marriage within yourself, you may find it difficult to commit to another.

    Perhaps, the song ‘The Secret Marriage’ by Tom Petty is referring to this ‘….a secret marriage vow is never broken”

  2. Sting – The Secret Marriage lyrics

    No earthly church has ever blessed our union
    No state has ever granted us permission
    No family bond has ever made us two
    No company has ever earned commission

    No debt was paid no dowry to be gained
    No treaty over border land or power
    No semblance of the world outside remained
    To stain the beauty of this nuptial hour

    The secret marriage vow is never spoken
    The secret marriage never can be broken

    No flowers on the alter
    No white veil in your hair
    No maiden dress to alter
    No bible oath to swear

    The secret marriage vow is never spoken
    The secret marriage never can be broken

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