A New Beginning – No More Gloom

First, before we go any further, the journal in this book (post) is not like my beginning journal, for I was in confusion, so my poetry and thoughts were scattered.  Many times I have gone back through my own poetry ledger to redo it.  Each poem here was placed where it is best for  you  to start, and stay on your journey, within your thoughts.  It is with each poem to assist you to begin a process that helps you reach in and connect with your feelings, by writing them down.  Then you can refer back to our journey, as you grow and move through your life.

Secondly, everyone feels some despair at some point or another.  Things do not always go the way we want.  There are times we need to remove ourselves from every day life,  and give ourselves permission, to go within to realize what we truly desire.  It is through connecting with our soul that we can make a difference, and completely change our world, by changing ones point of view.  From that of questioning things around me to that of knowing through love and feelings what is.  So by taking the time to write it in your journal you achieve this end.

Finally, do make sure you will not be disturbed.  Turn off our phone, the TV and the radio, and find that perfect place to read and write.  Make sure a pen or pencil is close by.  This is your own personal journal.  Keep it close by, sacred, secret and secure.

No More Gloom

Inside a room you cannot see, there is no place to comfort me.
No place to live a bitter life.
Nor place to have all kinds of strife.
This is no place to feel despair.
It’s not a place to cut and tear.
Inside a room you cannot see, is my place to gently be.

Inside a mind you cannot see, there’s no real thoughts to comfort me.
No thoughts about a bitter life.
Nor thoughts about all kinds of strife.
There are no thoughts about despair.
You won’t find thoughts that cut and tear.
Inside a mind you cannot see, are just thoughts that carry me.

Inside a poem that you can see, are not just words to comfort thee.
Mere words about a bitter life.
Nor words about all kinds of strife.
There are no words about despair.  You won’t find words that cut and tear.
Inside a poem that you can see, flow forth words to uplift thee.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

About Karen Lee

Karen Lee Chow (1955 - 2017) was a full-time mother, artist, and poet, a very special person in many ways. She wrote a journal book of poetry called “How to Feel – Take a Special Spiritual Journey into Thoughts and Feelings” published in 2002 by 1st Books Library. With her book, she wanted to touch others in the same way. Karen didn’t expect everyone to agree with what she had found in the deep recess of her heart, her soul, but she hoped others would hear her out and take their own journey with her. This book is being posted for all to read.

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