Mother Nature’s Way – Dawn Of Light

While gazing at the sunrise, I realized to my surprise
Different hues before my eyes
Dancing on the backdrop blue, peach, rose, violet so new
Wavering at my point a view
Blending streaks of sunrise play, a miraculous array
Stretching fingers to light the day
As the sun showed me its face, hues faded without a trace
With the days warmth I felt its GRACE.

In the after glow of night, I realized with souls delight
Radiant beams from the Northern Light
Rising streams from deeper blue, lime, orange, each color as true
Flickering forth in every hue
Ribbons seen long after day, a Kaleidoscope display
Shooting feelers that show the way
Now I know we have a place, more then just our human race
As night and day we live in GRACE.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

About Karen Lee

Karen Lee Chow (1955 - 2017) was a full-time mother, artist, and poet, a very special person in many ways. She wrote a journal book of poetry called “How to Feel – Take a Special Spiritual Journey into Thoughts and Feelings” published in 2002 by 1st Books Library. With her book, she wanted to touch others in the same way. Karen didn’t expect everyone to agree with what she had found in the deep recess of her heart, her soul, but she hoped others would hear her out and take their own journey with her. This book is being posted for all to read.

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