About Craig Roberts

Elder Sage providing Tarot and Oracle readings from the land of Aloha! It is Craig's sincere hope that by bringing these energies to your attention that it may be helpful for you in some way. If you have any questions please contact him. Craig would love to answer them for you. If you are interested in receiving a personal reading via email, please email crobertstarot@gmail.com. Aloha and Blessed be, Craig

Love for Dr Doris Paine Roberts – Tarot Card Reading – Five of Hearts

View this post on Instagram The Five of Hearts is not an easy card to receive as it reminds us of what once was and is no longer. Whether it be someone we love who has passed on or virtually … Continue reading

Daily Tarot Card Reading – XXI The World

View this post on Instagram Congratulations. You may not know it but there is something within you that has completed it’s cycle of growth. An expanded sense of awareness and wisdom has occurred after going through some difficult times. This … Continue reading