In the New Thought Movement I gave up sex. Experienced Sedona and the great Vortex.         

Studied the Tarot, I Ching and Astrology. Dabbled in everything including Psychology.        

I chanted Mantras from the Book of the Dead. Sat in a modified Lotus and stood on my head.          

I danced the Kundalini by the Light of the Moon, And shined my Aura to keep my Body in tune.          

I networked with Channels from the big other side.  Even buddy-buddied daily with my own Spirit Guide.         

I regressed to past lives to recall what they were, And studied deep breathing at a place called Big Sur.        

I’ve jetted to conventions to meditate and generate, Not often enough though, for I still cannot levitate.              

I’ve led Silent Retreats very high in the mountains, Uncovering auras, hugging trees, wading in fountains.          

I’ve ESTed, Reikied and Reflexed my feet,       

Once I totally gave up eating any red meat.       

While I often listened to a subliminal tape,  Walking kept my body in fairly good shape.       

Surrounded by crystals, all pointing due North, amid waves of pure energy vibrating forth,           

No matter the hardships, I followed my Star, For it emblazons my way no matter how far.      

Today, after all is truly said, read and done,

There are great truths in my belief “All is One”.

I was happy to declare when a Radio Broadcaster, Universal Life Force Energy made me a Mini-Master.

-D. Paine Roberts, Msc.D., Ph.D.