Excerpt from Chapter XIII of Pyra Try Con by  Doris E Roberts, PhD (Metaphysics)…  A novel of a futuristic Earth evolution of humans through the eyes of one woman, available on Amazon Kindle Books.

“I realize now that I have grown all I can on this Island with these wonderful people. Can it be that the time has finally come for all of us to return to the REAL world to take our places in society in order to fulfill our chosen Destiny? With all my heart, I pray it is so for them and for me. We had lived so many lifetimes before, often together and sometimes apart, learning all the lessons of life in this Karmic Educational System of Earth. We do not need to be born again to know that we all are very wise in the ways of Planet Earth and its people.

This Island experiment has been secluded and kept intact to remain undisturbed by all the disruptive conditions that were taking place in the world at the time it was established.  Much work was done to assist in creating a more Intuitive Human the next step up in human development from mere Homo Sapiens to Humanus Intueri!

Those chosen to be a part of this enterprise on this secluded Unknown Island without realizing it have finished their assignment as best as they were able to accomplish to prove that our individual intuition does make a difference in the world. It works by just paying attention to the God within each and every one of us! Now is the time to share this information with the world.  Can we risk it?”

Pyra Try Con – The Book