1.       Where is the happy medium between spirit and soul, the perfect balance of action and inaction, of commitment and non-commitment, of ambition and humbleness?  What happens to any satisfaction of reaching goals, ideals and visions when there is the desire to retreat to the past, not going anywhere, not knowing, not being seen and receiving no validation?  Does one really have to give oneself over to altruism, that principle of living only for the good of others, or is it best to choose to become absorbed only in one’s self by excluding everyone else?

2.       In either case, are we not cutting ourselves off from Spirit as well as our Soul? For there are many temptations like waiting too much, doubting all the time, retreating into ourselves, and becoming totally lost in a fog of nothingness and numbness.  Can this condition possibly be looked upon as a positive call to retreat so we can regroup our energies? Or is it better known as being too realistic?

3.       I believe Retreat Time comes to many of us eventually as a need or desire to step back and listen to our own small voice within.  Has it again become time to evaluate the past and plan for a brighter future?  Some born-again religions believe it is time to link up consciously with our souls to unite again with Spirit so that we can re-enter the Mystery of Life in an appropriate place.  Is that possible? Isn’t it now time to become more of a co-creator with Spirit so that we can think and recognize who we were, who we are now and who we are meant to be?  Do we need to give ourselves permission to take some time off and go on a retreat to ponder our future, a retreat that can be at home alone, or maybe in a forest close to mountains or on a beach, by a pond, or near the ocean?

4.       Many theology experts claim that in this new century we have entered, humanity will restore theology and revise it to include the study of all religions and non-religions, philosophers and poets, facts and fictions, beliefs and non-beliefs, all things natural and supernatural.  My own soul believes that spiritual restoration is the mission of any Metaphysician who chooses to assist in the restoration process of this vital Spiritual Energy Pathway.  Look around and recognize it operating now in the roles played by Holistic Doctors, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Prayer Partners or even someone we just met in a church pew next to us. Spirit comes to us in many wonderful ways.

5.       Why not call what is coming about by what it really is, a combination of Science and Religion, which is evolving into a bonafide healing profession that can be recognized either as Theology Therapies or Spiritual Health Specialties.  For in the act of becoming a qualified metaphysician, one has to be thoroughly versed in religion and science, spiritual and holistic healings and vibrational medicine, along with techniques that include many applications for all specific and curative treatments/practices that assist the patient or client in balancing the unbalanced wherever he or she may be and in whatever culture supports his or her growth in life.

6.       Why am I sharing this information with you now during the beginning years of this new century? Spirit says it is time to emphasize that you, as an individual, make a big difference in the lives of people who know you and love you.   If your life has been one of studying spiritual insights, going to events, working with teachers, sharing your knowledge in many small ways with others, value this work.  You were born at this time to share your wisdom with those who are attracted to you in some way. This opportunity – that has been given to you – supports everyone involved in sharing the Message of God’s love to even more people.  How is this done?  By providing and making your spiritual message even better by using more of your God-given talents and abilities.  It is literally a battle of egos when anyone tries to defend their position. Why is anyone made wrong or appear to be made wrong in the first place?  Hasn’t everyone been blessed with free will? If that is true, what can you do about ending this battle of spiritual choices?

7.       Love who you are.  Love what you do.  You do not have to hold center stage.  Unless of course that is where you end up.  What is important is that you share your love and talents.  Your past conditioning has provided you with space to grow and gain knowledgeable experience.  Time to wisely do some expanding again.

8.       Many people use whatever possible way to spread their message because the urge to do so is very strong within them. You may have been one of those very willing participants in the past who, while helping others, got burned.  Why?  Although you believed in the message, did you value – from the beginning – how much your participation in it would contribute to its success? Did you deep down doubt your value?  Doubt your own worth?

9.     Could it be that your mental atmosphere drew that type of circumstance and/or person to you to prove to you that your doubts have great attraction?  Time to replace these doubts and turn them around. Value your talents and abilities.  Love who you truly are.  Know that when you value yourself, you will attract loving, talented like-minded people to you.  In the Karmic Educational System that is present here on Earth, you have chosen a path that will end this doubting attraction once and for all.  This lesson has been  accomplished. Now you can ask yourself: How do I use this experience to create my own “heaven on earth”?

10.    As Nelson Mandela in the past so adequately expressed:  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness, which frightens us.  We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?”  Actually, who are you not to be?

11.   What else needs to be said?  If you can attract your fears, can you not also attract and expand your ability to Co-Create Heaven on Earth?  Please believe me that all you are required to do is: Have Faith in the power of your love and all else will follow.

The above material was provided to many while I was living on the mainland’s West Coast.

Before my move back to Hawaii, I lead a Mystical Magical Master Series Intensive in San Diego for an Angel group who volunteered to complete this MMLA six-week course. It is important to know that as human beings we need to understand the Sacred, that Invisible, Mystical, and Spiritual Power of the Universe that exists in all living things surrounding us.  When we return to the reverence and respect for all life, we have the opportunity to realize how important the Sacred is for the survival of our planet.

How does one peacefully accomplish supporting the Sacred? Perhaps all that is required is to continue to plant seeds of knowledge in the heart of our society. How?  By writing a book, giving lectures, sharing our thoughts with family, friends and neighbors, and by practicing in small groups all over the world. At this time, only a handful of us are willing to nourish this growing conscious awareness, but it is being done. Several years ago I personally accepted a co-host position on an Internet Radio Talk Show in Honolulu that lasted for several months. After this event, I decided it was in my best interest to retire from providing classes, etc.

Note by Wendy:  Dr Dris lived through her early 70’s in Hawaii with her son, Robin, occasionally revising her book. She did her best writing when alone, but was the happiest with family close by.  Dr. Dris wasn’t too fond of winter weather, but eventually moved to Washington to live with her phychic daughter, Karen Lee, at the foot of Mt Rainier until her death in May 2009. As her oldest daughter, my personal mission was to edit her book, “Pyra Try Con”,  now available as an eBook on Kindle.

Please download and read below book for Kindle.  Thanks, Wendy