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Find the Force within you!

Long ago and far away from some now unknown and no longer recalled source, the word spirituality was described as a relationship with:

  • The Outer Self,
  • The Inner Self,
  • And the Higher Self.

These three relative aspects of Spirituality were required.  All worldly cultures and societies in Ancient Times appeared to hold this (as a) basic human relationship concept .  It was a slow, painful, often boring but sometimes comforting process.

What happened throughout the ages to cause basic Human Spirituality now to be looked down on as an unimportant concept or at the very least “A Newcomer of Suspicious Character?”  Spirituality is as old as the Ages but possibly in this newest Age upon us now, it just might need some faith uplifting.

The old way ran something like this: First, you had an outer self that automatically adapted itself to fit into society. Second, you realized that it was important to be in touch with an inner self, which made life worthwhile. Finally, you felt connected to a higher self you could rely on to assist you through your life – the good times as well as the bad.

Our Outer Self has always been that part of us that is very suspicious and questions everything that our Inner Self who has direct connection to our Higher Self suggests might be the best thing to do for all concerned under the circumstances.

Daily Tarot Card Reading – 9 Community

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Venus in Virgo brings with it the aspect of femininity known as Community. Loving emotions are elevated when we gather together and join hands in a circle of our peers. We celebrate life on this planet that nourishes us, together. Yes we are all unique with different opinions and perspectives but we share much more than we oppose. . This marks a time for coming together, putting aside our differences and giving care and help to one another in these most challenging of times. . In this card, I see all 4 elements working as one. I see hope, beauty and love shared in not just this circle but our entire Earth community. Not just humanity but all the living creatures of this planet. . If you are able, take a moment to step outside and breathe in the fresh air and gaze upon natures beauty, hear the subtle sounds of the birds in the trees and the children playing. Connect with our Mother and then pay it forward by giving your own love and nourishment to those in your community. . Deck: Mythical Goddess Tarot by Sage Holloway. Art by Katherine Skaggs. . It is my sincere hope that by bringing these energies to your attention that it may be helpful for you in some way. If you have any questions please I would love to answer them for you. If you are interested in receiving a personal reading via email please email me at Aloha and Blessed be, Craig. . . . #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcardreading #tarotcardreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreadersofig #tarotdeck #deckoftheday #tarotcommunity #tarotoftheday #cardoftheday #tarotcardoftheday #tarotjourney #tarotjournal #tarotinspiration #tarotlife #tarotislife #freetarotreadings #oraclecards #oraclecardreader #oraclereading #oracledeck #oraclecommunity #oraclereadersofinstagram #cardslinger

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