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Pyra Try Con – The Book (excerpt)

Excerpt from Chapter XIII of Pyra Try Con by  Doris E Roberts, PhD (Metaphysics)…  A novel of a futuristic Earth evolution of humans through the eyes of one woman, available on Amazon Kindle Books.

“I realize now that I have grown all I can on this Island with these wonderful people. Can it be that the time has finally come for all of us to return to the REAL world to take our places in society in order to fulfill our chosen Destiny? With all my heart, I pray it is so for them and for me. We had lived so many lifetimes before, often together and sometimes apart, learning all the lessons of life in this Karmic Educational System of Earth. We do not need to be born again to know that we all are very wise in the ways of Planet Earth and its people.

This Island experiment has been secluded and kept intact to remain undisturbed by all the disruptive conditions that were taking place in the world at the time it was established.  Much work was done to assist in creating a more Intuitive Human the next step up in human development from mere Homo Sapiens to Humanus Intueri!

Those chosen to be a part of this enterprise on this secluded Unknown Island without realizing it have finished their assignment as best as they were able to accomplish to prove that our individual intuition does make a difference in the world. It works by just paying attention to the God within each and every one of us! Now is the time to share this information with the world.  Can we risk it?”

Pyra Try Con – The Book

Find the Force within you!

Long ago and far away from some now unknown and no longer recalled source, the word spirituality was described as a relationship with:

  • The Outer Self,
  • The Inner Self,
  • And the Higher Self.

These three relative aspects of Spirituality were required.  All worldly cultures and societies in Ancient Times appeared to hold this (as a) basic human relationship concept .  It was a slow, painful, often boring but sometimes comforting process.

What happened throughout the ages to cause basic Human Spirituality now to be looked down on as an unimportant concept or at the very least “A Newcomer of Suspicious Character?”  Spirituality is as old as the Ages but possibly in this newest Age upon us now, it just might need some faith uplifting.

The old way ran something like this: First, you had an outer self that automatically adapted itself to fit into society. Second, you realized that it was important to be in touch with an inner self, which made life worthwhile. Finally, you felt connected to a higher self you could rely on to assist you through your life – the good times as well as the bad.

Our Outer Self has always been that part of us that is very suspicious and questions everything that our Inner Self who has direct connection to our Higher Self suggests might be the best thing to do for all concerned under the circumstances.

Messengers of God – Our Angels

The Missing Peace:

Where is our soul? We often tell ourselves it is lost and I cannot find it!  It always stays just out of our grasp.  Many of you may think of this “Missing Peace” as your Guardian Angel.  You may feel you have found your Soul Contact.  Have you? 

Souls or Messengers of God?

Do you know that your Soul can never be lost?  It is always with you.  It is waiting for you to expand and add more experiences to its memory this lifetime.  Life is all about gathering experiences.  Your personal God has a residence in the Limbic Stem area of your Brain.  We have forgotten how to reach our God.  It is time to remember again. Your God is like a little black box inside of your brain, which contains all the information of your Soul’s many lifetimes and lessons learned.  It houses your wisdom.  It is always there, it is always functioning, and it is always providing you with knowledge to keep you going, to keep you living, to keep you creating that which you continually expand to be.  Even without your asking.  If you ask and contact it via Angel’s Avenue, this personal energy source is able to assist you more, but it will never tell you what to do.  The choice of experiences is always up to you.  Angels can make your life easier, or put more challenges in your way; it is entirely up to you in the way you choose to look at who and what you are.  Are you a victim?  Or are you a student learning important lessons?  Many of us have chosen to not use our guides and do it the hard way.  That’s okay, too.  Our Angels are the Messengers of God who do not judge; they only love.