Now it’s time to write what YOU think God is. Do all your creative imagination to flow and express God in form as best as you can now. Because I became in tune with what the Nature of God really was to me, I woke up and was then able to move into another dimension. Read the following poem.

Another Realm

Another realm that I did see, gathering truth to set us free.
Shifting forms and shifting faces, hungering for their rightful places.
People wandering up in down, caught in dreams with nothing around.
Some were resting while others stand, yet nowhere could I see a land.

A few did, but not just any, had a face observing the many.
These ones glided knowing no ground, and they spoke with light and not a sound.
Pictures of light became their voice, touching a person of their choice.
A person would then push at the thought, up until the idea was brought.

The light would make a person shift, while thoughts gently away would drift.
I thought I saw Jesus there, giving thoughts with much love and care.
Noticing me with eyes aglow, he came hither and blocked the show.
My thoughts caught and everything spun, I felt we were fused as one.

A release, then a lightness, my mind burning within his brightness.
Startled awake as if ’twas a dream, pulling thoughts into a conscious stream.
I got up looking around, finding I’m heavy upon the ground.
From all I saw that I could glean, this world isn’t all that can be seen.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

NOTE: After that experience, which astonished me, I wrote the following poem about images. Read it now with a open heart and mind.

Images Play

There are different levels I be
Only on this one I really see
Now my mind is getting a new sight
That I question if wrong or if right.

They’re people I see I’ve never seen
So how could this be another dream
And what makes us think dreams are not real
There is truth there in the way I feel.

On levels I’m on, images play
But thoughts on them are inclined to stray
I want to know if my sight will grow
and if being there myself does show?

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

NOTE: In other words, how the ‘heck’ did I do that? All I can tell you is, it seems to be a gift you get, when you let God in.