Session One: Live Your Dream -Vision Communication

Vision Communication

 Once you have clarified the inspirational dream into an actual vision in your mind so that you can give it substance, it has now become an idea whose time has come.  You can understand the ramifications and opportunities involved in your vision by making a pro and con list – the good that it will bring into your life and the possible sacrifices it will take for you to live your dream.  Call forth now the courage to act, for without action and continued fascination on a positive outcome (even if it is just gathering more information), a dream cannot manifest into reality.



The creation of your dream begins by describing your own present reality as accurately as possible in order to determine the new direction you are required to take to begin living your dream.  There are possible dreams and impossible dreams. The possible ones are those that have a measure of truth in them and can logically lead you to manifesting them in your life in a step-by-step process.  The impossible dreams or visions are those that use your creative imaginations and give you pleasure (or perhaps pain) in recalling them. 

At some point in time there is the realization that they are meant to stay as illusions in your life as a way to motivate you to get moving and/or to punish yourself for being a failure for not being the person others think you should be.  

It is up to each one of us to recognize the difference between actual dreams that come to us as great ideas which take desire, dedication and demands to bring into being and those imaginative fantasies which assist each of us in existing in a stressful world.  The idea is to bring your own incognitive inspirational dreams into actual cognitive recognition in your daily lifestyle by directly and frequently focusing your attention on the desired outcome.

Who is Dr. Dris?

This Blog is posting the writings of late Doris E. Roberts, PhD in Metaphysics (1933 – 2009)

Ordained Minister – International Metaphysical Ministry  (IMM), University of Metaphysical    Science – Holistic Seminary College — Summer 1989

Doctorate in Metaphysical Science Msc. D, University of Metaphysics, (UM) May 1990

Doctorate in Philosophy  Ph.D.  (UM) – June 2000