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Session One: Live Your Dream -Challenge Your Abilities

Challenge Your Abilities

 Any dream worth living is a dream worth the gift of your time and attention.  It should stretch your capabilities and allow you to focus on challenging growth, pressing against the boundaries created by you.  Discover the leading edge of whatever you have set out to accomplish, so that you may know that it can be done by the actual doing of it in your mind. In doing so, you will realize that it is not impossible to reach.  Deep doubts and fears may come to the surface at this time.  That is to be expected for it is one of the functions of the left-brain hemisphere – to question your decisions.  Do not allow the doubts to stop your forward movement.  For if you buy into fear and stop at this point, your dream, if it is meant to be lived, will return at a later time when it may be too late for it to be truly experienced by you.  Take the time to set up achievable step-by-step goals to assure your mind that you are on the right track.  As you systemically go about accomplishing them, always have other goals to replace them when they are completed. Develop a three-month plan, a six-month plan, a one-year plan, and if needed for whatever the reason, a five-year plan.  No matter how long it takes believe it is possible for you to accomplish your goal, to live your dream. Create a plan of action that assures accomplishment and gain for all concerned. 

Remember to enjoy each step-by-step goal accomplishment also along the way.  Allow your way to give you some satisfaction.  Do not completely rely only on the accomplishment of the final goal to feel fulfillment.  The process of actually doing it is as rewarding as the final accomplishment if you keep in mind the actual creation of a dream into reality.

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  1. DorrieLove

    Always have a goal in mind. Such as a goal to lose 10 pounds, a goal to pay off all debt, or a goal to spend more time with my family. Communication is my goal.

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