Mother Nature’s Way – Dawn Of Light

While gazing at the sunrise, I realized to my surprise Different hues before my eyes Dancing on the backdrop blue, peach, rose, violet so new Wavering at my point a view Blending streaks of sunrise play, a miraculous array Stretching fingers to light the day As the sun showed me its face, hues faded without […]

Mother Nature’s Way – The Echoing Night

The Echoing Night The night howled around meAs I laid upon my pillowThe tree it exclaimed tit-willow, tit-willow The bush it sighed then croakedAs I slipped into the deepA breathe of a breeze whispered cheep, whispered cheep I drifted through waterAs a spirit within my dreamsI spied an island so it seems, so it seems […]

Journalizing Time 12 – The Burst of The Budding One

Now, I’m aware you must have had a similar experience also, that astonished you. Something you couldn’t believe. They can be bad or good, but write one down now, no matter how silly or unbelievable it was. Example: My mother once told me that while sleeping, she felt like someone she knew had come into […]

Journalizing Time 10 – Creation in Our Hands

Now it’s your turn to write new words for the song, “Row Your Boat”. Change the words in the song to something that has a special meaning for you. Then sing the new lyrics you wrote. Remember, it is all yours. Do your words make you feel good? For this is your Soul’s Song. Play […]

Journalizing Time – 7 Grace This Food

Read the preceding poem (Let God) again slowly to really get into the feeling of its message.   Read every word and feel within yourself. Now it is time for you to write sentences beginning with “Let me”. You may find yourself crying as you write, but it is your Soul expressing what it wants out […]