Journalizing Time 11 – Another Realm / Images Play

Now it’s time to write what YOU think God is. Do all your creative imagination to flow and express God in form as best as you can now. Because I became in tune with what the Nature of God really was to me, I woke up and was then able to move into another dimension. Read the following poem.

Another Realm

Another realm that I did see, gathering truth to set us free.
Shifting forms and shifting faces, hungering for their rightful places.
People wandering up in down, caught in dreams with nothing around.
Some were resting while others stand, yet nowhere could I see a land.

A few did, but not just any, had a face observing the many.
These ones glided knowing no ground, and they spoke with light and not a sound.
Pictures of light became their voice, touching a person of their choice.
A person would then push at the thought, up until the idea was brought.

The light would make a person shift, while thoughts gently away would drift.
I thought I saw Jesus there, giving thoughts with much love and care.
Noticing me with eyes aglow, he came hither and blocked the show.
My thoughts caught and everything spun, I felt we were fused as one.

A release, then a lightness, my mind burning within his brightness.
Startled awake as if ’twas a dream, pulling thoughts into a conscious stream.
I got up looking around, finding I’m heavy upon the ground.
From all I saw that I could glean, this world isn’t all that can be seen.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

NOTE: After that experience, which astonished me, I wrote the following poem about images. Read it now with a open heart and mind.

Images Play

There are different levels I be
Only on this one I really see
Now my mind is getting a new sight
That I question if wrong or if right.

They’re people I see I’ve never seen
So how could this be another dream
And what makes us think dreams are not real
There is truth there in the way I feel.

On levels I’m on, images play
But thoughts on them are inclined to stray
I want to know if my sight will grow
and if being there myself does show?

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

NOTE: In other words, how the ‘heck’ did I do that? All I can tell you is, it seems to be a gift you get, when you let God in.

Journalizing Time 10 – Creation in Our Hands

Now it’s your turn to write new words for the song, “Row Your Boat”. Change the words in the song to something that has a special meaning for you. Then sing the new lyrics you wrote. Remember, it is all yours. Do your words make you feel good? For this is your Soul’s Song. Play with the words if you have to, the right ones will come your way.

Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.     

Change these words. Come on, I know you can do it! If you need inspiration, get on the Internet here:

About now, hopefully, you have begun to feel closer to your God. Yet, if you think God is male with a long white beard, then you are not close enough. You must understand that as a human being, you have both male and female energies. Since we are made in his/her image, so does God.

So the One God you require connection with in order to bring back your feelings is expressed in the next poem. Be careful, for your Ego may slip back into action. If it does, push it away or go back through some previous poems (posts) and begin again. When you have completed this creative assignment, it is time to move on to the (this) poem.

Creation in Our Hands

All women hands laid down creation,

Whose beauty brings us exaltation.

Every man’s hands gave women the spark,

That like the sun chases away the dark.

With each new life I feel a part of,

Altogether it’s made of our love.

Like the Earth is the womb of our Mother,

As the Sun is the spark of our Father.

Here we each live within a tiny form,

with the heavens sun keeping us warm.

Yet Man an be so brilliant like the Sun,

for that enery and he are One.

And Women as creative as the Earth,

For in that we will know our own Worth.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved.

Thoughts To Consider

Does (this) poem explain why man was created with an incomplete Y (XY chromozones)? Was it to bring them closer to the spark to be Male? Female is the Completion of Form for life on this plane of existence (XX chromozones vs. XY chromozones). Male is the Energy before Completion is complete. Nothing would be in mass and all would be gas and spark like the Sun if Earth had no Female Energy.

Personally, while bonding with my soulmate, I have checked within to feel his energy within me. I feel that strong spark of his. I have that same spark within me from him, like he has the female energy of form surrounding him. Yet, as a woman, my energy is the embodiment of Completed Form so that spark is often harder for me to reach. Ask yourself this, why do men when dying, call out for their mothers. It is because the female mass that makes up their body is leaving them. The mass created in the womb. Like unto mom’s energy. The female energy of God is leaving.

Take this opportunity now to reread (the) poem (above) again and again until you understand the differenct energies to realize and understand that God is in both male and female energies and every human has both of them inside and out. God is both the Incompletion and Completion of Creation.

Journalizing Time 9 – Kiss Illusions Good-bye

Write of feelings from your soul. Remember to let the words flow from you in any form it takes. Do not be concerned about your spelling, or whether you chose the right words. Just let the flow. When finished, read them over and if inspired, add more.

Then you are ready for the next poem. when we attempt to feel and reach God through our Soul, sometimes it is better if we sing about it. The next poem is lyrical and one where you can imagine your own melody. Try it.

Kiss Illusions Good-bye

The light of the world am I

As I kiss illusions goodbye.

Give temper a walk and not let fear talk.

Believe the truth is not a lie

Then know that God will never die.

The whole of the world love I

For mercy and good I cry.

With forgiveness I walk and not let guilt talk.

Believe that God is not a lie

Then know that love will never die.

Holy child of God am I

As I let my Spirit fly.

So gently I walk and now let joy talk.

I’m one with God and cannot lie

So I kiss illusions all goodbye.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved.

Journalizing Time – 8 Voicing Love

Take this time to enjoy your break for body sustenance.  Spend quiet time being aware of the taste, smell, and colors of your nourishment.  Set the scene and enjoy the moment in a way you have never done before.  Make it a special treat and stay in the space of your Soul.

Now write in your Journal about how everything around you feels to you including the food.  When you are ready, go on to the (this) poem.  Time now to remember the Souls voice in “Voicing Power of Love” .

Voicing Love

Love be the light

On all that is in sight

It is the essence

and effervescence.


Love is a glow

That makes my heart flow

For love it soothes

And lightens the blues.


Love I allow

For that which I’m now

Love all around

With me thee abound.


Of God Love be

God’s the all in me

Love and God can

And is within man.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

Doris Paine Roberts Commemorated and the Number 9

What significance is this number 9 mean in this year of 2018?

For Dr. Dris, my mom, it was an end of a phase in her life as she passed in the year 2009.  For me at the end of this year 2018, I retire from a working life to enjoy my next phase into the retirement phase of my life.

Per Padre, the messenger of Angels, our guardian angels use “numbers” to communicate. This seems the message to me for 2018 (a muliple of 9) !

The end of a phase

The appearance of the number 9 can be a signal from the angels who want you to know that something in your life is about to come to an end.  It can be a relationship, a project, or the chapter of your book of life.

Thus, the angels want you to acknowledge the fact that this change will result in better opportunities that you can take advantage of.  It is for the greater purpose of your existence that you will be made to witness such change.  Do not lose hope and never let any negativity get to you!  You control your decisions and what happens in your life.



Journalizing Time – 7 Grace This Food

Read the preceding poem (Let God) again slowly to really get into the feeling of its message.   Read every word and feel within yourself.

Now it is time for you to write sentences beginning with “Let me”.

You may find yourself crying as you write, but it is your Soul expressing what it wants out of life.  Know this:  Every time I read this poem that I have written, with my Soul open, I cry from the depth of my heart.  For this is what my Soul really desires.

Now, as you look at your own words, you will know what will truly make you happy.  For it is not a rich mansion or a sports car.  Because, until the Soul is happy, none of these types of trappings matter.  That is all just fluff in which you use to disguise yourself.

Disguise,  because you think that it’s this stuff that makes you important.  It doesn’t.  You are important because God loves you and cradles you here and now in this form.  You’ve been blessed with the greatest of all God’s gifts – Pure Feelings.

O.K.  By now you want a break or you are hungry and could use a snack or a cool glass of water.  To keep in the mood, and to help you stay within your soul, read the next poem before you eat.

If at any time you stop being meek or get disturbed, then go back a few poems, so you can return to that state of being open and somewhat vulnerable.

Grace This Food

The food is Thought from God,

And each Thought from God is a Thought of Love.

My body is in singular form and is a Thought from God,

Which is a Thought of Love.

This Thought of Love, which is my body takes in a Thought of Love,

Which is the food and that food is added unto my body.

How great my body be for it is nourished and sustained

By the Love of God that flows through me constantly

From the food I have taken in.

Blessed be I to receive God’s Thoughts of Love,

And Blessed is the food that is eaten by me…Amen

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved.




Journalizing Time 6 – Let God

Another thing the Ego likes to do is make a mask for you.  It is your defense against the world. Those people, with their own ego, cannot judge you for who you really are because you too, are hiding behind your mask.  It may seem like good protection when you are with others, who come mostly from their ego.  Yet, alone in your own space and place, this mask can be difficult to remove, to get in touch with your Soul.

To truly be meek you must withdraw this mask.  Write down what you want people to see you as, then withdraw this mask.  For whatever you want people to see you as, is the mask you wear.   The mask can protect you from others, but will often separate you from yourself.

Know the real you is not terrible, the real you is beautiful.  Be completely free of all the masking and walls that are around you until you feel meek, and know you are coming from the Soul, then go on.

Let God

Let me be within this moment now.

Let me see my beauty that’s inside.

Let me feel the peace within somehow.

Let me have the courage not to hide.

Let me know glory in and around.

Let me gain strength to break down my wall.

Let my fear fall from me to the ground.

Let me give love to you who are all.

Love you I do.

With you I grew.


Homeward to you.

When to me I am true.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved.

Activate a Peace Portal against Gun Violence in America

This is a call for a PEACE PORTAL requiring mass meditation by ALL!

Meditate to join students and teachers that walk out of their schools on March 14, 2018 at 10 a.m. local time for 17 minutes, to honor the 17 lives lost in Florida in February. (organized by Women’s March organizers)

“We are the students, we are the victims, we are change, fight gun violence now!” student organizers wrote for one of the planned events.   The call has been made:  “High School students across the U.S.A, (the) way to fight back is here.  There has been too much complacency on the part of politicians when it comes to gun violence.  The time to act is now!  Congress must take meaningful action to keep us safe and pass federal gun reform legislation that addresses the public health crisis of gun violence.”

A Peace Portal will offer an unique opportunity to transform the tension with harmonizing effects.  This means our goal to help implement GUN CONTROL Regulations and resolve the deeply rooted conflict to fight gun violence within America will finally begin in the wake of escalating mass shootings within our American society.

We have set a goal to reach as many people as possible, so the critical mass of greater than 100,000 people in meditation at the same time can open this portal to help achieve this goal.  Please post it on your websites and blogs.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that participate in this meditation can actually save human lives!  See GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS: THE MIND-BLOWING EFFECTS OF MASS MEDITATION


1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body.

3. Visualize that Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly to entering the conscienceness of our congressional lawmakers to focus NOW on regulating access to automatic machine guns used solely to kill people.  Fill these legislators with Light and eliminate all darkness that exists due to the influence of the NRA and gun manufacturer corporations.

4. Ask the Goddess presence (divine feminine) to come through your body.

5. Ask for the Goddess presence to direct energies of peace and harmony to stop mass shootings.  Allow that energy to flow through your heart and then through your hands for a few minutes.

The Goddess wants peace and freedom, so peace and freedom will come.

Dr. Dris and Karen Lee would have attended, and likely gathered as many as they could.  May your angel be with you!

Journalizing Time 5 – Being Meek

The Soul is child like, very open, allowing and the soul likes to play.  While, the Ego likes to examine every thing and person around it.  It also examines you and judges you.  Sometimes because it judges you, our Ego’s can be a terrible burden to bear.  Yet Ego’s can learn and grow.  Coming from your Soul now, tell your Ego to listen to you and help you, to stop judging you.  Write down the conversation between your Soul and Ego so that you can refer to it.  No, you’re not crazy.  Now I have to ask a favor of you.  The favor is to ask your Ego to back away so you are able to be more open and meek, to feel and come from just your Soul.  The Ego is a great one for discernment, but it gets in the way.  Feel free to read this poem over and over until you feel meek.  Then move on to actually being Meek.

Being Meek

What am I when I am meek?

For when I am meek then I am not weak.

While being meek faith abides,

While there strength rides without taking sides.

When I am meek love does arise,

‘Till in surprise I have no disguise.

Then all inside is laid bare,

As changes I dare are done with care.

I allow myself the space,

That at my pace all my fears I face.

Then all hang-ups I will find,

So that my mind begins to unbind.

Then I am free to progress,

For with meekness I have gained success.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved.

Journalizing Time 4 – Voices of the Child

Now write about love with just your Soul, then what you consider a lack of love, with your Ego.  Again you will be splitting the page up.  You will find, that the Soul understands much of what love is, and the Ego thinks about what love isn’t.  Yet, the Soul does not understand what “lacks love”, nor the Ego what “is love”.  That may make you wonder how and why, we have a Soul and Ego, and what part of us they are made from.  The next poem give you more of an understanding on the Soul and Ego.  Do not go on until you have completed with this assignment.

Voices Of The Child

soul voice:  There is a little girl within me

ego voice:  When as a child I searched in others eyes

soul voice:  I was so innocent and naive

ego voice:  Without knowledge of where their truth lies

soul voice:  Then the one think I knew was how to be.

souls voice:  I looked at all of life with wonder

ego voice:  Others had impressions wih stigma

souls voice:  I sent forth pure feelings

ego voice:  So to them I was an enigma

souls voice:   There was nothing that I would not ponder

souls voice:  Every morning was a beginning

ego voice:  Perhaps no other could really know me

souls voice:  I played the whole day through

ego voice:  Then it didn’t matter what they see

souls voice:  So I had grown by the day’s ending

souls voice:  At times I forget the child within

ego voice:  For my understanding is my own

soul voice:  So take life too seriously

ego voice:  From all memory in life I’ve known

souls voice:  Then life’s problems make it hard to win

souls voice:  So when I feel the child within me

ego voice:  In knowing me I gain evenness

souls voice:  Then take life to be played

ego voice:  With a peace throughout my beingness

souls voice:  I begin to realize who I be…

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved