The Sacred Shift of the Ages

People do need to understand the Sacred — that invisible, mystical, magical power of the Universe in all living things that surround us all.  I truly believe that the time has finally come for us all to provide the reverence and respect for all this Earth provides and truly represents. For this realization is necessary for the survival of this planet and its inhabitants as we move forward into the Shift of the Ages that was predicted over 2000 years ago.

The Phenomenal Philosophy I speak of includes the mystical belief in miracles that often result in complete healing of the mind, body and soul of ordinary human beings.  It has always been this way and it will continue to be so perhaps on a grander scale.  It was this way in Jesus’ time.  Our thoughts are powerful creators, for good or not so good… whatever we believe to be true we make it so in the One Connection experienced in our awareness and consciousness. All things are possible if we truly believe it to be so.

In my considered viewpoint, everything is moving at a higher rate of transformational change for each and every one of us. The basis appears to be because today’s Scientific World, which often denied the Mystical View during the last century, is now itself proving that there may be many more probabilities and possibilities that have an equal chance of finally coming to past in this present moment and time.

Mystical Practitioners come in all shapes, sizes and color have been planting seeds in the soil of this planet by writing books, giving lectures, and practicing in small group gatherings all over this world.  We are but a handful that nourishes this new cultural concept.  It is important for us to be doing this work on a donation basis only… we are not to do it for money.  It will not work if we do.

The Thought Consciousness behind all this work is to accept Love and Life as a provider of wonderful blessings and to search for the good in all things.  I was made aware of a this great gift of seeing good in all things, to bless those who have gone before me to show me the way and those who pay heed to what I shared in the past.  Unconditional Love is everywhere and for everyone, we have only to realize that it has a special place within all our hearts.  Happiness is a state of feeling safe and secure within self, no matter what is happening around you.  Do we truly believe that we can handle anything?  It is not an easy path considering the conditions that we are now constantly viewing in our homes every day.

-From the writings of Dr Dris

Doris Roberts, PhD (Metaphysics)

Love for Dr Doris Paine Roberts – Tarot Card Reading – Five of Hearts

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The Five of Hearts is not an easy card to receive as it reminds us of what once was and is no longer. Whether it be someone we love who has passed on or virtually anything or any situation that we had became emotionally attached to and is no longer here with us. . Grieving is a very human process of dealing with loss. For it to be effective it must not be rushed. It will take as long as needed and may never go away completely. This is perfectly okay. We must let it be, to come and go as often as necessary, to let it naturally run its course. . This card that I have drawn today holds a very personal message for me. This is the day of my mother’s birthday. . A giant in the metaphysical circles, she was the one that opened my awareness and inspired me to pursue this field of study. I have so much to thank her for. She has passed from this world but not from my heart. . I grieve for her with tears as I write this. But they are in a sense tears of joy as well as sorrow. Joy for her having been my mother, for her love, for her authenticity and for a life well lived. And of course sorrow that she is no longer physically with us. . I am intentionally letting the emotions flow and run their course through me. The happiness shared, the guilt that I wasn’t by her side when she passed, the unconditional love she had for me and I for her, and, the sorrow that she is no longer physically here with me now. . Deck used: “The Art of Love Tarot”, by Denise Jarvie. Artwork by Toni Carmine Salerno. Card; “Five of Hearts (Cups).” . It is my sincere hope that by bringing these energies to your attention that it may be helpful for you in some way. If you are interested in receiving a personal reading via email please contact me at Aloha and Blessed be, Craig. . . . #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcardreading #tarotcardreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreadersofig #tarotdeck #deckoftheday #tarotcommunity #tarotoftheday #cardoftheday #tarotcardoftheday #tarotjourney #tarotjournal #tarotinspiration #tarotlife #tarotislife #freetarotreadings #oraclecards #oraclecardreader #oraclereading #oracledeck #oraclecommunity #oraclereadersofinstagram #cardslinger

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Daily Tarot Card Reading – Ace of Swords

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Amongst the clouds of confusion a sword appears before you. With its arrival it brings with it the power to cut through the confusion and clearly see the truth. . The world is full of so called “experts” telling you what you should or should not believe without backing their position based on facts. It makes it difficult but certainly not impossible to discern fact from fiction, truth from lies. . Who’s responsibility is it then to find the truth? Yours. Take everything you hear or see with a grain of salt and, if something is really important for you to know, take personal responsibility and do your own research. . Whatever situation you find yourself in right now, the appearance of the Ace of Swords is prompting you to seek out the truth of the matter and make your decision based on the data you find. It marks a time where it is important for you to use your analytical mind to think and communicate over your intuitive senses. This ace brings with it success in these cerebral endeavors. . Deck used: “Healing Light Tarot”, by Christopher Butler. Card; “Ace of Swords.” . It is my sincere hope that by bringing these energies to your attention that it may be helpful for you in some way. If you are interested in receiving a personal reading via email please contact me at Aloha and Blessed be, Craig. . . . #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcardreading #tarotcardreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreadersofig #tarotdeck #deckoftheday #tarotcommunity #tarotoftheday #cardoftheday #tarotcardoftheday #tarotjourney #tarotjournal #tarotinspiration #tarotlife #tarotislife #freetarotreadings #oraclecards #oraclecardreader #oraclereading #oracledeck #oraclecommunity #oraclereadersofinstagram #cardslinger

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