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Humanity today is in the process of developing a more intuitive awareness as Earth enters further into the Photon Light Belt, which is an important part of our vast Universe. My belief is that this event, which began in 2000 A.D., has been triggering new genetic connections in our individual molecular make-up or DNA.   One of the most important aspects into the understanding of our 21st Century male and female relationships to each individual self and each other is how the pure energy of our individual male and female hormones actively balances our personality traits in this new evolution of Humanus Intueri (Intuitive Humans).  

The foremost question that requires an answer today is: How does the human glandular hormone system assist in balancing our individual male and female energies in this New World of Continual Change that is now happening so swiftly among Earth’s humanity?   Is it merely a sophisticated mental process arrived at by all the current cultural societies during this Age of Information? Many of those involved in human development today suggest it may well be. Or could it be that it may just be a natural state of growing wiser as our Earth grows older along with the human species.  

It is important to note that many historians now believe that several times during the evolution of this planet, human existence experienced a radical decline in numbers and was very close to complete annihilation.  Under these types of survival risks and circumstances, “fight or flight” hormones surely assisted in bringing about longer living opportunities.   How does this information relate to the current terrorism that is happening on our world?  Is it because of the need of Planet Earth to rid itself of those who are wasting the land and destroying villages and people? Is it possible that chaos occurs often on our planet because we are not immune to the vibrational energy that is happening on the surface, no matter the specific location? Will Mother Nature do whatever she can to make this planet a better place to exist?  And what does that look like? While many so-called experts do agree our modern males have a mind functioning mainly in their left-brain (a logical, reasonable, aggressive base of operation), they  acknowledge female minds are more at home in their spatial,  spiritually  connected  right-brain  area    a  non-linear,  unlimited, associated, activity domain  required  for nurturing and supporting survival of the species.  

Together we sexually guarantee human survival on this Planet.  Fortunately both genders have the ability to switch from one hemisphere to the other as needed. But there is one basic physiological factor in male and female brains that makes a big difference in how men and women think.  Before gathering evidence from supportive fieldwork research studies that qualify that particular assumption, it was necessary to apply some specific statements for the foundation of any future exploration into this important issue, i.e., the balancing of human physical and spiritual natures.

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  1. Wendy

    I’d love to see some scientific research ponder this on a molecular level..especially considering the brain represents a frontier in understanding human nature…EVOLUTION is an ongoing process, too.

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