Write, in your journal about the good times you missed in life, because you rushed.

Write, about the good feelings you could have dwelled on but didn’t last, because you were in a hurry.  Then make a promise to yourself that you will not do that again.

You  will live life to the fullest by taking your time.  Take the time to read this poetry, over and over, until you fully understand it and relate to it.

Now you may go on.  Remember; take your time.

We all have two sides to us from which we can feel.  Psychologists use to think we have split personalities.  How scary.  You don’t have to go through that fear, because there are two sides to everyone, because that is our make-up.

Just like we have two sides to our brain.  One deals more from emotions, soul.  Then one comes more from discernment, ego.  As you read this material you may find yourself switching back and forth.  Especially allow the experience of doing just that with these ‘voice’ poems.

If you get confused, stop and begin again, until some clarity comes through to you.

The Voices of Fear

soul voice: Of what am I afraid.

ego voice:  Were afraid of any desire.

soul voice:  And how has this fear been made.

ego voice:  Fear itself sets ones veins afire.

soul voice:  My hearts on a thin thread.

ego voice:  We are not afraid of any loss.

soul voice:  And it may be hurt instead.

ego voice:  We just give that a shrug or toss.

soul voice:  It wants its fulfillment.

ego voice:  We all want our dreams to come true.

soul voice:  Yet it gets its temperament.

ego voice:  When it approaches look what we do.

soul voice:  Hurt so often it be…

ego voice:  We find a way out of that course.

soul voice:  That pain is all it can see.

ego voice:  Do we not know that we’re its source?

soul voice:  Its come to expect it…

ego voice:  What is it we really fear?

soul voice:  So that is all it does get.

ego voice:  Emotions that are so very dear.

soul voice:  So unloved it has felt…

ego voice:  Set free feelings and allow them.

soul voice:  It has gotten hard to melt.

ego voice:  Then let yourself go to every whim.

soul voice:  So to self I must be true…

ego voice:  Conquer this fear and when you’re done.

soul voice:  That no hurt can someone do.

ego voice:  Stand back take a look at what you won.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved