Write about what you are afraid of.  Split the page in two sections.  In one section of the journal come from the Soul and in another section come from the Ego.  Listen carefully to the Soul’s voice because it is the quieter one, inside you.  Follow these procedures.  Then when you are satisfied, move on to the next poem.

Remember — do not rush it.  Use scrap paper if you must until your finale version.

Voicing Power Or Love

ego voice:  I know some who wear their power

soul voice:  Love be the light

ego voice:  They rule others life’s

soul voice:  On all that is in sight

ego voice:  Yet while some begin to flower

soul voice:  It is the essence

ego voice:  They create their strife’s

soul voice:  And effervescence

ego voice:  They think others are burdensome

soul voice:  Love is a glow

ego voice:  Monkey on one’s back

soul voice:  That makes my heart flow

ego voice:  So treats them as if they are dumb

soul voice:  For love it soothes

ego voice:  For ones brains they lack

soul voice:  And lightens the blues

ego voice:  If they would just leave us alone

soul voice:  Love I allow

ego voice:  Then let us just be

soul voice:  For that which I’m now

ego voice:  Then with the doing they would have grown

soul voice:  Love all around

ego voice:  With that they are free

soul voice:  With me thee abound

ego voice:  But lots of people want to be ruled

soul voice:  Of God Love be

ego voice:  Give Power away

soul voice:  God’s the all in me

ego voice:  A  feeling of safety has them fooled

soul voice:  Love and God can

ego voice:  For they make their own way.

soul voice:  And is within man.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved