One of the most important aspects in the balancing of Male and Female Energies is how the pure energy of our male and female hormones activate personality traits in the living forms we call human. Of great importance, also, is how does the human glandular (hormone) system assist in evolving the common cultural traits of humans so prevalent today?  Is it merely a sophistication mental process arrived at by the tribes of the cultural societies which existed at the time of human development as Dennett suggests it may be? 


It is also important to note that many historians now believe that often during the evolution of this planet, human existence experienced a radical decline in numbers and was very close to complete annihilation several times.  Under this type of survival risk and circumstances, “fight or flight” hormones were essential to assure evolution of mankind in all its many forms.

While many brain experts today do agree that our modern man currently operates mainly out of his left brain, which is the logical, reasonable aggressive activity base of operation, the female of our species appears to be somewhat still left out in the cold.  Why? Common male opinions still insist that females will never being able to attain all that her male counterparts can.   That opinion works the other way, also.  Surely, each gender has certain elements that fit only its particular sex, but more emphasis is required to use and interpret the intelligent abilities of each individual. When women’s credentials are considered to meet the established requirements, they are often anticipated (or at the very worst considered) to work from an emotional reactionary base that is totally unreasonable (primary right brain usage). Unfortunately,  this is often used against them as a way to discount their abilities.   Obviously it is the battle of the sexes, but less severe than it used to be.

Let us consider the following fact: women worked primarily from their right brain hemisphere, males from the left one.  What’s the difference? The right brain hemisphere is the non-linear, unlimited associative activity domain used in demonstrating nurturing supportive survival connections that support continuing growth of the species. Both genders do have the ability to switch from one hemisphere to the other as needed.  But there is one more physiological factor in male and female brains that makes a big difference in the process of how men and women think. 

But before a closer examination of the evidence from supportive fieldwork research qualifying gender brain bias, it is necessary to supply some additional statements for the purpose of clarifying the intent of this fieldwork in order to carry them through for further conclusive results.  It is also time for serious consideration that qualifying statements are necessary for inclusion to support further studies as to a possible future exploration into this very important issue,

The balancing of the physical and spiritual natures of human beings and how it can be applied to everyday life.