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Applying Physiological Relationship Protocols

We are all very aware of the main physical differences between men and women.  It is easy to forget or ignore the basic fine-line differences in the brain formation of each gender.  Simply stated, female brains have a larger corpus callosum than those found in male brains. The corpus callosum is a large bundle of nerves, connecting the right and left brain hemispheres.  It acts much like a switchboard and as such it is a very complex switching station. 

The function of the corpus callosum in its location in the center of the brain between the right and left hemispheres is to assist the individual in moving from one hemisphere’s applications to the other hemisphere’s usage and back again with ease.  Because of its larger size in a female human, it is much easier for her to switch back and forth (from one hemisphere’s primary operating system functions to the other hemisphere’s applications) than it is for her male counterpart. 

This is a very plausible explanation of why it is easier for women to flow in and out of the right brain activity, providing an easy access to the limbic area which is located at the base of the skull.  One theory holds that all human emotions are lodged in our brain in the limbic stem area, which is in direct contact with the solar plexus nervous system connection physically located in our bodies.  These nerves act very much like the corpus callosum in the brain.  It is the central switching station for the whole physical body’s highly sensitive nerve system. The solar plexus is located in humans slightly in and under the protection of the breastbone in the center area close by the thymus gland.


The author of the book and the subsequent audiotapes, “The HeartMath Solution”, Doc Childre assisted by Howard Martin with Donna Beech, (ISBN 0-694-52175-2 {1999} audio tape version, offer astonishing proof that this “heart location” has intelligence, one that profoundly effects our mental and physical health.  In intensive metaphysical training, one of the basic premises taught is that the human being is made up of four different and associated atmospheres: 1) mental, 2) physical, 3) spiritual and 4) emotional.  We often forget or downplay the emotional atmosphere that surrounds each of us be we male or female. The so-called, Heart Connection, is the center point in the middle of a triangle surrounded by the other three.  And in that location, it has a powerful influence.



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  1. Wendy

    Healthy brains need a healthy body to support it. It almost seems the body’s only function is to keep the brain happy.

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