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Session One: Live Your Dream – Build a Support System

Build a Support System

A dream requires a supportive environment around the dreamer so it can manifest into reality.  Interact with others in an open, honest way.  Support growth and trust in others as well as yourself.  Build a united bond with others in a community sense that eliminates harmful and hurtful things around you.  An unsafe environment harms and hurts all those within it.  A hurting person is an “unsafe” person for we only are able to give others that which we give ourselves first.  Give your dream a safe surrounding to grow.  No one is liable for another person’s happiness, for it is a highly subjective state of mind and relies heavily on a person’s own spirit.  Encourage others by your own actions for a safe, secure environment is one where everyone involved is supported in establishing one’s own open communication with one’s own Inner Spirit.


  1. Wgcbear

    Be a friend to yourself, then you can be someone else’s friend….if someone is hurtful, move on to a better place.

  2. DorrieLove

    Good morning Wendy
    Just checking in with my sister. I will pass on this blog to all my friends that are into metaphysics. Our mom was such a special person who was friends with all her children.

  3. Wgcbear

    And….I’ll keep posting her words. The laptop I am using is hers, and it is chock-full of LIFE…to share. I know she is looking down wondering why she didn’t just turn this computer over to harvest all this wealth of spiritual knowledge!!!!!

    Guessing you figured out you have to know how to add to submit comments. Not sure what setting that is coming from (probably a way to avoid ‘comment spam’)….

    Keep the comments coming!
    Love, Wendy

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