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Session One: Live Your Dream – Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Fuel the fire in the heart of your dream and be willing to give others time to understand you and your dream.  Be intimate with yourself and others who are a vital part of your dream.  Keep communication open so that you may realize what works and doesn’t work for you.  Don’t get stuck into control over things you have no control over.  Be open to changes that flow with the energy around you.  Allow your dream space to become all it can be while still focusing on it.  Come from Trust in Self.  Live your dream in your heart so that it can receive and store the energy that brings The Dream into actual creation. 


  1. DorrieLove

    This is a spoken word of a women with wisdom. She was a caring & gentle soul.

  2. Wgcbear

    That is where spirituality lies…in your heart. It would be hard to appreciate others without knowing yourself….

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