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Session One: Relationships


 If anyone close to you is an important part of your dream, be sure to share just enough of it so that the person understands and can share in the realization of your vision becoming an actual reality.  If more people are important to the dream, communicate with them in such a way that they can get excited also and realize that it is a big enough vision for them to be an essential part of it, also, or just support you by believing in you.  A vision worth living, which often includes others, will sometimes only work if there is a united energy between all involved.  Be excited and sooner or later, others who have been waiting for a similar dream to enter their lives will be ready, willing and able to take an active role in an important part of your dream vision.  One good dream surely desires to be a part of the unlimited possibilities of others.  There is no lesser or greater.  There is only the involvement in the greatest relationship of the All That Is – the Higher Self – The One Connection in Us All.

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  1. Wgcbear

    Connecting with someone else’s dream is one of the most satisfying feelings there are.

    You dream, you tell another, and if theirs is even remotely similar… connect! (perhaps that is how music and dance transpire)

    It’s almost like what ‘love’ is….sharing a dream…

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