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Session Two: Miracle Making – Open the Way

Miracle Making is the Mystical Union of Female and Male Principles That releases Healing Energy. Androgynous Method:  All individuals possess male and female hormones and all are, therefore, basically androgynous. Angels are Androgynous.In this Mystical Magical Love and Attraction Master Series, which you have undertaken, the word androgyny, in this context, refers to the blending of two complementary physiological features that are present in all human beings.  When these two energetic forces are properly balanced (given equal consideration), healing of an individual’s body, mind and spirit occurs through the process of blending these two vital energies.

Example:  For instance, in acupuncture, it is the balanced harmony of the masculine force of yang with that of the feminine yin, which produces a healthy state.


  1. Wgcbear

    “In life, one and one don’t make two
    One and one make one
    And I’m looking for that free ride to me
    I’m looking for you”
    -“Bargain”, The Who (Who’s Next, 1971)

  2. Karen Chow

    You know Wendy mom could of healed herself but she wanted to die. I now believe she was tired of life.I don’t believe that the many years since she had her lung removed she had lingering cancer or she would have died long ago. She healed that but brought it back because she was tired and wanted to rest from life. My two years with her was her trying to get me to accept that she wanted to leave this earth. Like a American Indian or wolf she wanted to go off to a little cubby and die in peace. She even told me so herself, I just could not understand why anyone would want to die, especialy Mom. I’m still trying to understand that. You cannot heal someone who does not want to be healed.

  3. Wendy

    Perhaps she felt she would be able to be more a part of our lives in the spiritual realm so she could ope the way on the other side…although my thoughts were of her day to day, it seems I think of her hourly now in everything I do.

    I miss her,

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