Time now has come for humanity as a whole to understand that a miracle is simply changing one’s mind. It is easy to say and often the most difficult thing to do.  We all have been Right Machines for many lifetimes and have defended ourselves to the death and destruction of all we believed to be the Truth to prove we were right. On this Planet Earth right now, there is an area where war and killing of innocent people has been going for centuries. The whole world has been asked to take sides.  Our United Nations of this World are divided and not in any agreement and are doing nothing to assist.  Our country has taken on the burden to be the Rescuers of all those who are being terrorized. This burden is heavy. Why US? Because the USA thinks we must take over control of the world to make it live under our own ways and standards?  Would we as a nation benefit truly from this actuality?  Are Americans fighting a war in the instigator’s country rather than our own in order to protect our way of life?  Just who is gaining from this war? It doesn’t take too many brains to answer these questions. The answers usually depend a lot on your own political point of view. Our country likes to be on the top of a list of Righteous Endeavors. My country right or wrong demands our participation in defending our rights. Is it our right to purchase oil from countries that have it?  It may be time to find another source of energy that is cleaner and cheaper. Until that happens, perhaps it is time for us to do like many foreign countries do — close our borders completely so we can take better care of our own middle class workers first before we go around helping those in other countries who threaten our way of life and the freedom that make us what and where we are today.   America, ask yourself now; Is it worth it in this day and age where we risk total annihilation of Planet Earth to continue to defend a position that may well bring about the end of life as we know it to be?  Would you rather be right or happy to just be able to live your dream without harming or hurting anyone else in the process? It is important for this planet’s people of all races to hold the space of Love on Earth.  It is and always has been our choice. But we no longer can do it alone. It is time for the rest of the nations on this planet to take care of this world and share the responsibility, equally.