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Soul Awareness and Expansion:

You can begin to fulfill your mission as the world moves and expands more into this millennium.  As you are exposed to more clarity – you will discover that you are opening yourself to better use of your personal power and creative energy.  It is important that you realize you have access to the Wisdom of your Soul.  This you do knowingly or unknowingly by your willingness to be open to connect with your Angelic Awareness Guides, the Messengers of Light.  My question of you at this point is: “Will you be able to continue to keep your Celestial Communications open and operating?” The Importance of Intentions:  What really is your intention in this matter of mastering your Life?  Do you seek to take away any one else’s power from them?  Are you being an energy thief without being aware of it?  Do you come silently into others’ fields of energy (auras) and drain them of their energy when they are not aware?  Is this being deliberately done by you or are you unaware that this is what you are doing?Or is all this Energy Robbing being done to you? Check it out.  How often do you feel drained in your daily life?  What situations are you in at the time and who were you with? If you are not sure how this is done, it may be time to read the “Celestine Prophecy” if you have not done so already.  James Redfield, the author, describes this phenomenon very well.  It is always wise to realize that there is an energy draining environment in place in the world, but do not become obsessed by it.  Be aware of it and choose not to become involved in it and it will pass you by. Recognition Time:Learn to recognize what is happening to you or around you.  Look to your own thoughts.  What are your fears that you attract to you?  If you still have an issue on this, surround yourself with white light.  Secondly, be aware of your surroundings you are in and the “thought transference” environment that exists.  If you are a sensitive, this danger exists in your mind.  It well may be that the person is draining you because you are the one allowing it to happen because of an issue within your self that requires some healing.Remember that nothing can harm or hurt you unless some deeply embedded belief inside you allows this to happen.  Nothing in this world just happens TO YOU, there first must be an attraction FROM YOU.  Know that when you realize this insight, the Angelic White Light that you can surround yourself with when you are in a draining situation, is enough to protect you.  Wear a crystal on your person to remind you of its protection.  One of the best is Rutilated Quartz…it assists in removing any depression or sad thoughts that may have triggered the drain in the first place.


  1. dorrie

    Hi Wendy
    Mom was so intersting here…I remember her telling me this and wondered what it all meant….how sweet she was…I miss her!!

  2. Wendy

    Am I or are those I am attracting to myself contributing to my well being? You gotta ask the question.

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