Mystical (or Spiritual Love) is a kind of unconditional love.  It is love that exists without the feeling of having to possess and control…without an intended focus on one person or thing or even a certain special feeling.  It is the feeling of total freedom, which we all seek and search for in each and every lifetime.  For every one of us, be we male or female, adult or child, it’s the one and only “One Connection,” which equates to the “Whole Connection,” which in turn makes us “wholely” or as many prefer, “Holy.”  It is not necessary for everyone to experience it as a total overwhelming reality by two or more people at the same time all the time.   

Mystical Love is very sacred, private, and personal.  Surely it helps to be among others who are living and experiencing the same type of love connection. There are also occasions when it is very appropriate to meet together in a group with others to experience this combined mystical experience.   

It is not being suggested that everyone on earth needs to experience this love together or even uniting together as one force to dispel the darkness of life on this planet.  It works on an individual basis also.  There is a time and place for all things mystical.  Each individual involved in the personal experience of this love will serve self, others and their chosen God just by being it, living it, sharing it with the world from their heart.