One of the simplest solutions is to become involved in a mystical experience established around what is termed non-judgmental love and its closest cousin, forgiveness.  In its intense forms, so are praying, meditating, dancing, singing and laughing.  Fortunately, passion is an important part of each for a positive emotional involvement and enjoyment in praying, meditating, dancing, singing and laughing.  If there is no love, there will be no joy, no connection with the inner self.  Instead, there is resisting and criticizing that leads to more doubting disappointments and a feeling of something always missing.  Therefore, one experiences hollowness instead of wholeness…a “none-ness.”  Non-judgmental love is missing, leaving a “vacancy” sign where the heart was once located.


Recognition comes when emotional pain is so great that a person will try anything to be released from it.  Surrendering to unconditional love brings into focus a great after-effect benefit experience. It produces a chemical in the brain which triggers natural pain-relieving endorphins, which explains why many spiritual counselors call this type of love “a natural high,” when it is experienced often in everyday life by a personality who surrounds his or her self with this atmosphere of unconditional love.   This is an easy experience to come by.  Determination, discipline and desire are all that is necessary for attainment.