Human’s personal roles require a better understanding and awareness in defining the power base establishment of leadership roles for solidly secured communities.  Perhaps this arrangement began as a way to consider risking the sexual intermingling of families and cultures for more choices.  Survival of the fittest is nature’s way.  The cause brought about the effect of a much higher volume of people able to assist one another in surviving nature’s challenges.  As humans we are always being provided with growth opportunities; we develop along with Planet Earth.  It has settled down somewhat from the forceful brutality and slavery of warrior standards imposed by nations for the survival and longevity factors of human beings.  Unfortunately, many were also lost from deadly diseases.


In this diminishing race environment, the female role of producing more healthy babies became a high priority.  Permanent housing and food supplies were high on the agenda along with the ability to secure safety and support for their society and customs.  This was a necessary requirement to establishing stability.   Whether it was realized or not by the rulers of this world, the bottom line was the necessity for the inclusion of a larger gene pool to improve DNA and survival of the humanity.


The high probability in the present conditions of being able to continue to exist on this planet is because we have a larger brain capacity, which provides us with the ability to think and to reason, logically and emotionally.  This realization of our ability to experience passionate emotional love assures the seeding of new life, which provides fulfillment and satisfaction as well as the opportunity that life can be continued.  

In the dark past, sexual incest (father-daughter-mother/son-sister/brother) had caused radical deformities in the offspring resulting in a high rate of birth deaths, deformities, retardation, and insanity.  Nature itself was demanding an expanded gene pool.  For this purpose, a reasonable mind had to be developed to realize the necessity for new blood to mix into the communities of family relatives.  Sexuality had to be examined more closely as to causes of birth disease and pure bloodlines, plus the obvious unknown reasons, which caused the corruption of the procreation process.

Unfortunately, women took the brunt of the blame for birth deaths and abnormalities.  After all, it was in their bodies human babies were formed and from which they were delivered. It was logical during these ancient times for men to assume a more important leadership role to control the care and support of women to assure the healthy birth of future male generations.  For while a woman’s bodies were gestating with motherhood, she required a safe, secure environment and time to care for her self and her offspring. An environmentally secure atmosphere became the responsible role for the male species to fulfill.  The male became the female protector in her high priority role of motherhood.  This main factor caused her to fall under male dominance.  In this way, with lasting effect, many women still are denied equality. 


In today’s environment, men and women can and often do take an equal partnership in the birthing and care of their babies, so male superiority role needs to be addressed.   There are too many single parents to ignore this issue of parenthood.  Can it become more of a selective procedure rather than an imposition?  Can we begin to educate children on the realities of life and provide them with more opportunities to take responsibility for their actions?  It takes male sperm and female eggs together to produce an offspring.  Sperm and egg banks must also be considered.  Much has been said about the rights of the unborn child.  Does a fertilized egg have a “right” to a set of responsible parents?  This is only a sample of only some of the sexual issues we are carrying with us in to the next century.  There are no easy answers.  We cannot ignore this “cry in the wilderness” for a higher and better value system creation.  Where does it begin?  We can no longer count on the home.  It must begin in our antiquated educational intermediate and high school systems.  The sooner the better!