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Dr Doris E. Roberts, PhD, Metaphysics (1933-2009) is a major contributor of posts from her metaphysical projects and research written during her lifetime. Some of the wording has been edited in italics with the original words in parenthesis, The essence of her writing is here copied from her electronic files as archived by her eldest daughter, Wendy Roberts Candela.

What is Mystical Love?

Mystical (or Spiritual Love) is a kind of unconditional love.  It is love that exists without the feeling of having to possess and control…without an intended focus on one person or thing or even a certain special feeling.  It is the feeling of total freedom, which we all seek and search for in each and every lifetime.  For every one of us, be we male or female, adult or child, it’s the one and only “One Connection,” which equates to the “Whole Connection,” which in turn makes us “wholely” or as many prefer, “Holy.”  It is not necessary for everyone to experience it as a total overwhelming reality by two or more people at the same time all the time.   

Mystical Love is very sacred, private, and personal.  Surely it helps to be among others who are living and experiencing the same type of love connection. There are also occasions when it is very appropriate to meet together in a group with others to experience this combined mystical experience.   

It is not being suggested that everyone on earth needs to experience this love together or even uniting together as one force to dispel the darkness of life on this planet.  It works on an individual basis also.  There is a time and place for all things mystical.  Each individual involved in the personal experience of this love will serve self, others and their chosen God just by being it, living it, sharing it with the world from their heart.

Simple Solutions

One of the simplest solutions is to become involved in a mystical experience established around what is termed non-judgmental love and its closest cousin, forgiveness.  In its intense forms, so are praying, meditating, dancing, singing and laughing.  Fortunately, passion is an important part of each for a positive emotional involvement and enjoyment in praying, meditating, dancing, singing and laughing.  If there is no love, there will be no joy, no connection with the inner self.  Instead, there is resisting and criticizing that leads to more doubting disappointments and a feeling of something always missing.  Therefore, one experiences hollowness instead of wholeness…a “none-ness.”  Non-judgmental love is missing, leaving a “vacancy” sign where the heart was once located.


Recognition comes when emotional pain is so great that a person will try anything to be released from it.  Surrendering to unconditional love brings into focus a great after-effect benefit experience. It produces a chemical in the brain which triggers natural pain-relieving endorphins, which explains why many spiritual counselors call this type of love “a natural high,” when it is experienced often in everyday life by a personality who surrounds his or her self with this atmosphere of unconditional love.   This is an easy experience to come by.  Determination, discipline and desire are all that is necessary for attainment.

Procreation Sophistication

Our history as humans became more exposed to other tribal customs when our own leaders began to realize the important function of procreation.   In ancient days, someone or something had to be the cause of the problem of deformed and/or stillbirths.  Without the knowledge we have today, it was realistic to blame women and thereby the need to obtain more control over them.  What happened if less than perfect babies or no babies continued to happen to their women?  Simple-minded response occurred.  “What cannot be fixed must be discarded.” Or “If it works don’t try to change it.” The Result: other women were procured to breed healthy children. 

Assuming to be totally responsible for giving birth to less than perfect beings, what choice did any woman have?   For survival alone, it was imperative that women develop an easier, faster access to both brain hemispheres equally to endure life during the long, dark ages of depression and suppression of every female be she mother, wife, sister or daughter  — hence the larger corpus callosum in women.  

Can this be the plausible explanation as to why women became very adept and capable of holding a totally different concept at the same time she is performing involved detailed work?  This ability also requires concentrated effort and attention to do more than one thing at a time with ease since much was demanded and expected of her.  It is also wise to consider that because of the position humanity found itself in long before recorded history and time, it is not unlikely that men and women would begin to discover more evidence of how each gender managed to survive in a world of possession, dominance and control?  Whether any findings can and will be taken seriously by the world at large is another matter, but surely it must be expressed and examined on its own accord in the specific arena of the Philosophy of Human Relationships as a mystical experience.  Perhaps also, the many lifetimes all of us have lived with this emotional issue has ensured its lasting endurance into this new century where technical expertise can be used for the discovery of the Secrets to the Mysteries of the Ancients when we were able to talk one-to-one with their God.

A Mystical Experience

What constitutes a mystical experience?  And how does this assist in survival? Is mysticism merely a conscious awareness of an inner connection to a different reality?  Is it a realization that our sense of self has expanded to include another possible way other than just intellectualizing? That the “I-alone-in-the-world” attitude has evolved in a uncertain, mysterious way to feeling connected to a totally inclusive and much greater awareness of self that provides an emotional opening which involves comfort, support and a sense of beauty and peace mixed with a feeling of lightness, joy and wonder?        Can we develop the mystical phenomenon into a Spiritual Educational System without associating it to any one particular religious dogma (include them all) and bring back the sense of value to a world that holds no value sacred any longer?    

Spirituality is often actively involved in practices such as prayer, meditation, dance, song, and laughter, which allow our sense of heaviness to reduce.  In these practices, some feel themselves floating and flowing as a state of released energy begins to fill them within as stress and tightness leave their bodies.  What has happened?   Awareness has shifted.  But in this rush into the new millennium does mankind have any time left for a slowly defined mystical shifting process? Even if we notice a sense of closeness and a feeling of connection coming into our awareness such as everything around us suddenly appears nearer.  Or perhaps as cloud floating by takes on a more pronounced meaning and appears as a new dimension in its form, we have doubts. Even though we feel as if we could reach out and touch a distant mountain, trees, streams, and the ocean that suddenly appears closer, we cannot for our logical mind says it cannot be so.   Everything appears to jump out at us one time or another and commands attention. This is, indeed, the sense of closeness, the unity of oneness with all things.  It is oftentimes scary.  Can we truly believe how beautiful our world is?  

Time to ask our selves how these experiences can be used to bring more balanced energy into our lives? How does this pertain to a study of male and female energies and specifically to how we relate to one another? And can we take time away from our busy lives to duplicate these feelings at will? 

Simply put, part of the experience of existing in human form as a male or female, is to realize our powerful emotional self as we grow and develop more awareness.  We are given many opportunities to experience security, satisfaction and love, in bodies that have been equipped with senses, co-creative abilities, and a definitive pathway to a higher awareness.  It follows that we are then able to process, entertain and fulfill the destiny we have chosen as a part of an adrenal based life species.  We become and are continually becoming that which we think, not what we think we are.  We are provided information daily that makes a big difference in what type of thoughts are flowing into our minds moment by moment.   For high pitch salesmanship is happening all around us.  As a result, we are pouring much more adrenaline than we need to exist into our systems, causing a high stress lifestyle.  This ultimately leads to uncontrollable conditions of road rage, school shootouts, teen rapes, wife beatings and other high passion violence crimes.   Family members find themselves as either victims or victimizers – age and status have no advantage.  It is wise now to take time to ask, “Are there any solutions to this explosion of emotions that can no longer be an ignored predicament?”

The Human Body

Human’s personal roles require a better understanding and awareness in defining the power base establishment of leadership roles for solidly secured communities.  Perhaps this arrangement began as a way to consider risking the sexual intermingling of families and cultures for more choices.  Survival of the fittest is nature’s way.  The cause brought about the effect of a much higher volume of people able to assist one another in surviving nature’s challenges.  As humans we are always being provided with growth opportunities; we develop along with Planet Earth.  It has settled down somewhat from the forceful brutality and slavery of warrior standards imposed by nations for the survival and longevity factors of human beings.  Unfortunately, many were also lost from deadly diseases.


In this diminishing race environment, the female role of producing more healthy babies became a high priority.  Permanent housing and food supplies were high on the agenda along with the ability to secure safety and support for their society and customs.  This was a necessary requirement to establishing stability.   Whether it was realized or not by the rulers of this world, the bottom line was the necessity for the inclusion of a larger gene pool to improve DNA and survival of the humanity.


The high probability in the present conditions of being able to continue to exist on this planet is because we have a larger brain capacity, which provides us with the ability to think and to reason, logically and emotionally.  This realization of our ability to experience passionate emotional love assures the seeding of new life, which provides fulfillment and satisfaction as well as the opportunity that life can be continued.  

In the dark past, sexual incest (father-daughter-mother/son-sister/brother) had caused radical deformities in the offspring resulting in a high rate of birth deaths, deformities, retardation, and insanity.  Nature itself was demanding an expanded gene pool.  For this purpose, a reasonable mind had to be developed to realize the necessity for new blood to mix into the communities of family relatives.  Sexuality had to be examined more closely as to causes of birth disease and pure bloodlines, plus the obvious unknown reasons, which caused the corruption of the procreation process.

Unfortunately, women took the brunt of the blame for birth deaths and abnormalities.  After all, it was in their bodies human babies were formed and from which they were delivered. It was logical during these ancient times for men to assume a more important leadership role to control the care and support of women to assure the healthy birth of future male generations.  For while a woman’s bodies were gestating with motherhood, she required a safe, secure environment and time to care for her self and her offspring. An environmentally secure atmosphere became the responsible role for the male species to fulfill.  The male became the female protector in her high priority role of motherhood.  This main factor caused her to fall under male dominance.  In this way, with lasting effect, many women still are denied equality. 


In today’s environment, men and women can and often do take an equal partnership in the birthing and care of their babies, so male superiority role needs to be addressed.   There are too many single parents to ignore this issue of parenthood.  Can it become more of a selective procedure rather than an imposition?  Can we begin to educate children on the realities of life and provide them with more opportunities to take responsibility for their actions?  It takes male sperm and female eggs together to produce an offspring.  Sperm and egg banks must also be considered.  Much has been said about the rights of the unborn child.  Does a fertilized egg have a “right” to a set of responsible parents?  This is only a sample of only some of the sexual issues we are carrying with us in to the next century.  There are no easy answers.  We cannot ignore this “cry in the wilderness” for a higher and better value system creation.  Where does it begin?  We can no longer count on the home.  It must begin in our antiquated educational intermediate and high school systems.  The sooner the better!

Applying Physiological Relationship Protocols

We are all very aware of the main physical differences between men and women.  It is easy to forget or ignore the basic fine-line differences in the brain formation of each gender.  Simply stated, female brains have a larger corpus callosum than those found in male brains. The corpus callosum is a large bundle of nerves, connecting the right and left brain hemispheres.  It acts much like a switchboard and as such it is a very complex switching station. 

The function of the corpus callosum in its location in the center of the brain between the right and left hemispheres is to assist the individual in moving from one hemisphere’s applications to the other hemisphere’s usage and back again with ease.  Because of its larger size in a female human, it is much easier for her to switch back and forth (from one hemisphere’s primary operating system functions to the other hemisphere’s applications) than it is for her male counterpart. 

This is a very plausible explanation of why it is easier for women to flow in and out of the right brain activity, providing an easy access to the limbic area which is located at the base of the skull.  One theory holds that all human emotions are lodged in our brain in the limbic stem area, which is in direct contact with the solar plexus nervous system connection physically located in our bodies.  These nerves act very much like the corpus callosum in the brain.  It is the central switching station for the whole physical body’s highly sensitive nerve system. The solar plexus is located in humans slightly in and under the protection of the breastbone in the center area close by the thymus gland.

The author of the book and the subsequent audiotapes,  “The HeartMath Solution,” Doc Childre assisted by Howard Martin with Donna Beech, (ISBN 0-694-52175-2 {1999} audio tape version), offer astonishing proof that this “heart location” has intelligence, one that profoundly effects our mental and physical health. In intensive metaphysical training, one of the basic premises taught is that the human being is made up of four different and associated atmospheres: 1) mental, 2) physical, 3) spiritual and 4) emotional.  We often forget or downplay the emotional atmosphere that surrounds each of us be we male or female. The so-called, Heart Connection, is the center point in the middle of a triangle surrounded by the other three.  And in that location, it has a powerful influence.

Male and Female Energy Balance – a discussion

One of the most important aspects in the balancing of Male and Female Energies is how the pure energy of our male and female hormones activate personality traits in the living forms we call human. Of great importance, also, is how does the human glandular (hormone) system assist in evolving the common cultural traits of humans so prevalent today?  Is it merely a sophistication mental process arrived at by the tribes of the cultural societies which existed at the time of human development as Dennett suggests it may be? 


It is also important to note that many historians now believe that often during the evolution of this planet, human existence experienced a radical decline in numbers and was very close to complete annihilation several times.  Under this type of survival risk and circumstances, “fight or flight” hormones were essential to assure evolution of mankind in all its many forms.

While many brain experts today do agree that our modern man currently operates mainly out of his left brain, which is the logical, reasonable aggressive activity base of operation, the female of our species appears to be somewhat still left out in the cold.  Why? Common male opinions still insist that females will never being able to attain all that her male counterparts can.   That opinion works the other way, also.  Surely, each gender has certain elements that fit only its particular sex, but more emphasis is required to use and interpret the intelligent abilities of each individual. When women’s credentials are considered to meet the established requirements, they are often anticipated (or at the very worst considered) to work from an emotional reactionary base that is totally unreasonable (primary right brain usage). Unfortunately,  this is often used against them as a way to discount their abilities.   Obviously it is the battle of the sexes, but less severe than it used to be.

Let us consider the following fact: women worked primarily from their right brain hemisphere, males from the left one.  What’s the difference? The right brain hemisphere is the non-linear, unlimited associative activity domain used in demonstrating nurturing supportive survival connections that support continuing growth of the species. Both genders do have the ability to switch from one hemisphere to the other as needed.  But there is one more physiological factor in male and female brains that makes a big difference in the process of how men and women think. 

But before a closer examination of the evidence from supportive fieldwork research qualifying gender brain bias, it is necessary to supply some additional statements for the purpose of clarifying the intent of this fieldwork in order to carry them through for further conclusive results.  It is also time for serious consideration that qualifying statements are necessary for inclusion to support further studies as to a possible future exploration into this very important issue,

The balancing of the physical and spiritual natures of human beings and how it can be applied to everyday life.

A Passionate Love Affair

As the world rushes past the beginning years of this new Century, Millennium, and Age, it is obvious by now that many of us are aware we are here to contemplate and complete a personal mystical partnership.  Ours is one that revolves around humanity’s passionate love affair with our co-creator, our God of Love.  Love is a cultural commodity that cannot be ignored for very long no matter the sophistication level of any individual.  Cultural traditions, as many writers have chosen to use to describe the format and practice of love handed down from generation to generation, have within them the building blocks to support the working theology of the mystical completion of souls.  Love is what God is, no matter what our religious or cultural persuasion proclaims our God to be.  God is also the Universal Life Force Energy and as such, acts as the glue that keeps us all together on this planet and in this Universe. Some say our world is the Universal Educational Karmic System of “Incomplete Beings” processing lesson after lesson in lives after lives. 

My question is “Can it be that we have volunteered to take part in a grand experiment that allows us some freedom of choice as we evolve up the ladder of Cosmic Conscious Awareness?”  If it is true, then our job is to grow in the only way we know how to live.

The Law of Love and Attraction

Seek One, Search Two, Discover Three

 “The Journey of True Self Discovery comes to everyone of us as an inner urging to seek, search and discover that which is known of self and yet appears to be unknown.”     …Dr. Doris E. Roberts

Self Discovery is a lifetime process of living with outer change and inner transformation.  Making it fun is the challenge.  The joy is in the realization that transformation is a natural phenomenon and it truly is great because no one really wants to stay the same forever. Change is merely the process of being at one with one’s living environment.  

 Life is all about expanding continually moment by moment, filling each microsecond with a heartbeat of experiential existence, preferably the best of all there is. As we grow we gain more knowledge of why we are here now in this form on this planet.  We are each on our own Sacred Mission so why not make it an adventure?  Isn’t it about time to discover our very own mission and purpose for this lifetime?

Consider it The First Step UP.

The Magical Trio: Charm, Kindness, and Humor

I.  Charm is defined in this context as the power to arouse love and admiration. It makes you attractive and fascinating, influencing others as if by magic.  It is closely linked to enchantment: To enchant means to delight completely, to enrapture with joy – literally to encircle with song.  A truly charming personality is magical and mysterious having an alchemical effect on his or her surroundings.  Charm attracts people to you because you are genuinely interesting and engaging.  Charm also attracts Angels.                       

II.  Kindness is another element of Lightness.  A kind person will also attract Angels – and unkind person will repel everyone especially Angels.  Think about it.  Being kind is agreeable, open and without effort.  When it is forced, it is too sweet, a substitute like saccharine, for it leaves a bitter aftertaste with both parties – the giver and the receiver.                  When kindness is real – it is pure and delightful! 

III.  Humor is the essence of a light, loving open heart.  However, there is a fine line between making fun of another person and true wit.  Both discover the absurd and the ridiculous in life, but wit does it in a comfortable way so that no one is offended.  Being witty or having a sense of humor doesn’t automatically mean you make fun of anyone, including yourself.  Ridiculing others is neither charming nor funny – even when you are the brunt of your own jokes. Being witty means having the ability to combine words and ideas in a clever way that appeals to the intellect in everyone.  

Also having a sense of humor does not mean that you are the one who creates the humor.  It means you have the ability to appreciate and enjoy amusing situations and a good laugh.

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