What constitutes a mystical experience?  And how does this assist in survival? Is mysticism merely a conscious awareness of an inner connection to a different reality?  Is it a realization that our sense of self has expanded to include another possible way other than just intellectualizing? That the “I-alone-in-the-world” attitude has evolved in a uncertain, mysterious way to feeling connected to a totally inclusive and much greater awareness of self that provides an emotional opening which involves comfort, support and a sense of beauty and peace mixed with a feeling of lightness, joy and wonder?        Can we develop the mystical phenomenon into a Spiritual Educational System without associating it to any one particular religious dogma (include them all) and bring back the sense of value to a world that holds no value sacred any longer?    

Spirituality is often actively involved in practices such as prayer, meditation, dance, song, and laughter, which allow our sense of heaviness to reduce.  In these practices, some feel themselves floating and flowing as a state of released energy begins to fill them within as stress and tightness leave their bodies.  What has happened?   Awareness has shifted.  But in this rush into the new millennium does mankind have any time left for a slowly defined mystical shifting process? Even if we notice a sense of closeness and a feeling of connection coming into our awareness such as everything around us suddenly appears nearer.  Or perhaps as cloud floating by takes on a more pronounced meaning and appears as a new dimension in its form, we have doubts. Even though we feel as if we could reach out and touch a distant mountain, trees, streams, and the ocean that suddenly appears closer, we cannot for our logical mind says it cannot be so.   Everything appears to jump out at us one time or another and commands attention. This is, indeed, the sense of closeness, the unity of oneness with all things.  It is oftentimes scary.  Can we truly believe how beautiful our world is?  

Time to ask our selves how these experiences can be used to bring more balanced energy into our lives? How does this pertain to a study of male and female energies and specifically to how we relate to one another? And can we take time away from our busy lives to duplicate these feelings at will? 

Simply put, part of the experience of existing in human form as a male or female, is to realize our powerful emotional self as we grow and develop more awareness.  We are given many opportunities to experience security, satisfaction and love, in bodies that have been equipped with senses, co-creative abilities, and a definitive pathway to a higher awareness.  It follows that we are then able to process, entertain and fulfill the destiny we have chosen as a part of an adrenal based life species.  We become and are continually becoming that which we think, not what we think we are.  We are provided information daily that makes a big difference in what type of thoughts are flowing into our minds moment by moment.   For high pitch salesmanship is happening all around us.  As a result, we are pouring much more adrenaline than we need to exist into our systems, causing a high stress lifestyle.  This ultimately leads to uncontrollable conditions of road rage, school shootouts, teen rapes, wife beatings and other high passion violence crimes.   Family members find themselves as either victims or victimizers – age and status have no advantage.  It is wise now to take time to ask, “Are there any solutions to this explosion of emotions that can no longer be an ignored predicament?”