Our history as humans became more exposed to other tribal customs when our own leaders began to realize the important function of procreation.   In ancient days, someone or something had to be the cause of the problem of deformed and/or stillbirths.  Without the knowledge we have today, it was realistic to blame women and thereby the need to obtain more control over them.  What happened if less than perfect babies or no babies continued to happen to their women?  Simple-minded response occurred.  “What cannot be fixed must be discarded.” Or “If it works don’t try to change it.” The Result: other women were procured to breed healthy children. 

Assuming to be totally responsible for giving birth to less than perfect beings, what choice did any woman have?   For survival alone, it was imperative that women develop an easier, faster access to both brain hemispheres equally to endure life during the long, dark ages of depression and suppression of every female be she mother, wife, sister or daughter  — hence the larger corpus callosum in women.  

Can this be the plausible explanation as to why women became very adept and capable of holding a totally different concept at the same time she is performing involved detailed work?  This ability also requires concentrated effort and attention to do more than one thing at a time with ease since much was demanded and expected of her.  It is also wise to consider that because of the position humanity found itself in long before recorded history and time, it is not unlikely that men and women would begin to discover more evidence of how each gender managed to survive in a world of possession, dominance and control?  Whether any findings can and will be taken seriously by the world at large is another matter, but surely it must be expressed and examined on its own accord in the specific arena of the Philosophy of Human Relationships as a mystical experience.  Perhaps also, the many lifetimes all of us have lived with this emotional issue has ensured its lasting endurance into this new century where technical expertise can be used for the discovery of the Secrets to the Mysteries of the Ancients when we were able to talk one-to-one with their God.