Now write about love with just your Soul, then what you consider a lack of love, with your Ego.  Again you will be splitting the page up.  You will find, that the Soul understands much of what love is, and the Ego thinks about what love isn’t.  Yet, the Soul does not understand what “lacks love”, nor the Ego what “is love”.  That may make you wonder how and why, we have a Soul and Ego, and what part of us they are made from.  The next poem give you more of an understanding on the Soul and Ego.  Do not go on until you have completed with this assignment.

Voices Of The Child

soul voice:  There is a little girl within me

ego voice:  When as a child I searched in others eyes

soul voice:  I was so innocent and naive

ego voice:  Without knowledge of where their truth lies

soul voice:  Then the one think I knew was how to be.

souls voice:  I looked at all of life with wonder

ego voice:  Others had impressions wih stigma

souls voice:  I sent forth pure feelings

ego voice:  So to them I was an enigma

souls voice:   There was nothing that I would not ponder

souls voice:  Every morning was a beginning

ego voice:  Perhaps no other could really know me

souls voice:  I played the whole day through

ego voice:  Then it didn’t matter what they see

souls voice:  So I had grown by the day’s ending

souls voice:  At times I forget the child within

ego voice:  For my understanding is my own

soul voice:  So take life too seriously

ego voice:  From all memory in life I’ve known

souls voice:  Then life’s problems make it hard to win

souls voice:  So when I feel the child within me

ego voice:  In knowing me I gain evenness

souls voice:  Then take life to be played

ego voice:  With a peace throughout my beingness

souls voice:  I begin to realize who I be…

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved