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Karen Lee Chow (1955 - 2017) was a full-time mother, artist, and poet, a very special person in many ways. She wrote a journal book of poetry called “How to Feel – Take a Special Spiritual Journey into Thoughts and Feelings” published in 2002 by 1st Books Library. With her book, she wanted to touch others in the same way. Karen didn’t expect everyone to agree with what she had found in the deep recess of her heart, her soul, but she hoped others would hear her out and take their own journey with her. This book is being posted for all to read.

Journalizing Time 5 – Being Meek

The Soul is child like, very open, allowing and the soul likes to play.  While, the Ego likes to examine every thing and person around it.  It also examines you and judges you.  Sometimes because it judges you, our Ego’s can be a terrible burden to bear.  Yet Ego’s can learn and grow.  Coming from your Soul now, tell your Ego to listen to you and help you, to stop judging you.  Write down the conversation between your Soul and Ego so that you can refer to it.  No, you’re not crazy.  Now I have to ask a favor of you.  The favor is to ask your Ego to back away so you are able to be more open and meek, to feel and come from just your Soul.  The Ego is a great one for discernment, but it gets in the way.  Feel free to read this poem over and over until you feel meek.  Then move on to actually being Meek.

Being Meek

What am I when I am meek?

For when I am meek then I am not weak.

While being meek faith abides,

While there strength rides without taking sides.

When I am meek love does arise,

‘Till in surprise I have no disguise.

Then all inside is laid bare,

As changes I dare are done with care.

I allow myself the space,

That at my pace all my fears I face.

Then all hang-ups I will find,

So that my mind begins to unbind.

Then I am free to progress,

For with meekness I have gained success.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved.

Journalizing Time 4 – Voices of the Child

Now write about love with just your Soul, then what you consider a lack of love, with your Ego.  Again you will be splitting the page up.  You will find, that the Soul understands much of what love is, and the Ego thinks about what love isn’t.  Yet, the Soul does not understand what “lacks love”, nor the Ego what “is love”.  That may make you wonder how and why, we have a Soul and Ego, and what part of us they are made from.  The next poem give you more of an understanding on the Soul and Ego.  Do not go on until you have completed with this assignment.

Voices Of The Child

soul voice:  There is a little girl within me

ego voice:  When as a child I searched in others eyes

soul voice:  I was so innocent and naive

ego voice:  Without knowledge of where their truth lies

soul voice:  Then the one think I knew was how to be.

souls voice:  I looked at all of life with wonder

ego voice:  Others had impressions wih stigma

souls voice:  I sent forth pure feelings

ego voice:  So to them I was an enigma

souls voice:   There was nothing that I would not ponder

souls voice:  Every morning was a beginning

ego voice:  Perhaps no other could really know me

souls voice:  I played the whole day through

ego voice:  Then it didn’t matter what they see

souls voice:  So I had grown by the day’s ending

souls voice:  At times I forget the child within

ego voice:  For my understanding is my own

soul voice:  So take life too seriously

ego voice:  From all memory in life I’ve known

souls voice:  Then life’s problems make it hard to win

souls voice:  So when I feel the child within me

ego voice:  In knowing me I gain evenness

souls voice:  Then take life to be played

ego voice:  With a peace throughout my beingness

souls voice:  I begin to realize who I be…

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved


Journalizing Time 3 – Voicing Power Or Love

Write about what you are afraid of.  Split the page in two sections.  In one section of the journal come from the Soul and in another section come from the Ego.  Listen carefully to the Soul’s voice because it is the quieter one, inside you.  Follow these procedures.  Then when you are satisfied, move on to the next poem.

Remember — do not rush it.  Use scrap paper if you must until your finale version.

Voicing Power Or Love

ego voice:  I know some who wear their power

soul voice:  Love be the light

ego voice:  They rule others life’s

soul voice:  On all that is in sight

ego voice:  Yet while some begin to flower

soul voice:  It is the essence

ego voice:  They create their strife’s

soul voice:  And effervescence

ego voice:  They think others are burdensome

soul voice:  Love is a glow

ego voice:  Monkey on one’s back

soul voice:  That makes my heart flow

ego voice:  So treats them as if they are dumb

soul voice:  For love it soothes

ego voice:  For ones brains they lack

soul voice:  And lightens the blues

ego voice:  If they would just leave us alone

soul voice:  Love I allow

ego voice:  Then let us just be

soul voice:  For that which I’m now

ego voice:  Then with the doing they would have grown

soul voice:  Love all around

ego voice:  With that they are free

soul voice:  With me thee abound

ego voice:  But lots of people want to be ruled

soul voice:  Of God Love be

ego voice:  Give Power away

soul voice:  God’s the all in me

ego voice:  A  feeling of safety has them fooled

soul voice:  Love and God can

ego voice:  For they make their own way.

soul voice:  And is within man.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

Journalizing Time 2 – The Voices of Fear

Write, in your journal about the good times you missed in life, because you rushed.

Write, about the good feelings you could have dwelled on but didn’t last, because you were in a hurry.  Then make a promise to yourself that you will not do that again.

You  will live life to the fullest by taking your time.  Take the time to read this poetry, over and over, until you fully understand it and relate to it.

Now you may go on.  Remember; take your time.

We all have two sides to us from which we can feel.  Psychologists use to think we have split personalities.  How scary.  You don’t have to go through that fear, because there are two sides to everyone, because that is our make-up.

Just like we have two sides to our brain.  One deals more from emotions, soul.  Then one comes more from discernment, ego.  As you read this material you may find yourself switching back and forth.  Especially allow the experience of doing just that with these ‘voice’ poems.

If you get confused, stop and begin again, until some clarity comes through to you.

The Voices of Fear

soul voice: Of what am I afraid.

ego voice:  Were afraid of any desire.

soul voice:  And how has this fear been made.

ego voice:  Fear itself sets ones veins afire.

soul voice:  My hearts on a thin thread.

ego voice:  We are not afraid of any loss.

soul voice:  And it may be hurt instead.

ego voice:  We just give that a shrug or toss.

soul voice:  It wants its fulfillment.

ego voice:  We all want our dreams to come true.

soul voice:  Yet it gets its temperament.

ego voice:  When it approaches look what we do.

soul voice:  Hurt so often it be…

ego voice:  We find a way out of that course.

soul voice:  That pain is all it can see.

ego voice:  Do we not know that we’re its source?

soul voice:  Its come to expect it…

ego voice:  What is it we really fear?

soul voice:  So that is all it does get.

ego voice:  Emotions that are so very dear.

soul voice:  So unloved it has felt…

ego voice:  Set free feelings and allow them.

soul voice:  It has gotten hard to melt.

ego voice:  Then let yourself go to every whim.

soul voice:  So to self I must be true…

ego voice:  Conquer this fear and when you’re done.

soul voice:  That no hurt can someone do.

ego voice:  Stand back take a look at what you won.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

Journalizing Time 1 – Abiding My Time

In your journal, write about all the stuff you don’t like to feel and what causes you to feel that way.  Don’t worry if your thoughts are scattered.  We always start with scattered thoughts.  Just write about it.  Get it off your chest, then lie back on your bed and gently be, as if these bad feelings did not now exist.

Now read the previous poem again before you go on (posted – No More Gloom) .  Please don’t rush through this.  Take your time.  Never rush through anything.  For if you do, you won’t provide your feelings time to develop along a path that’s right for you.

Hint:  In ‘No More Gloom’, by ‘…room you cannot see…’, I mean one’s body for you can’t see inside it.

If you feel like adding more to what you have already written, it would be a good time to do it now.  When finished and when ready, add more to your journal.  Then, come back to this post and take your time reading the next poem slowly with feeling.

Drawing by the late Karen Lee Chow (1955-2017)

Abiding My Time

There is a need for abiding my time
The way of it I will tell in this rhyme
No moment of time is ever wasted
For through time all feelings must be tasted
Some times are hours in which I ponder
Within them my thoughts begin to wander
At such times of my self I am in search
Then on a pathway to knowing I perch
Within moments my feelings betray all
My heart then opens to total recall
At that I grow along with the moment
Soul and spirit is then in alignment
From now on I will give myself the space
That toward vast changes I will not race
Then I will avoid a lot of mistakes
For my heart is delicate and it breaks
Love and wisdom I will then gain with ease
So I’ll be happy doing what I please
©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved


A New Beginning – No More Gloom

First, before we go any further, the journal in this book (post) is not like my beginning journal, for I was in confusion, so my poetry and thoughts were scattered.  Many times I have gone back through my own poetry ledger to redo it.  Each poem here was placed where it is best for  you  to start, and stay on your journey, within your thoughts.  It is with each poem to assist you to begin a process that helps you reach in and connect with your feelings, by writing them down.  Then you can refer back to our journey, as you grow and move through your life.

Secondly, everyone feels some despair at some point or another.  Things do not always go the way we want.  There are times we need to remove ourselves from every day life,  and give ourselves permission, to go within to realize what we truly desire.  It is through connecting with our soul that we can make a difference, and completely change our world, by changing ones point of view.  From that of questioning things around me to that of knowing through love and feelings what is.  So by taking the time to write it in your journal you achieve this end.

Finally, do make sure you will not be disturbed.  Turn off our phone, the TV and the radio, and find that perfect place to read and write.  Make sure a pen or pencil is close by.  This is your own personal journal.  Keep it close by, sacred, secret and secure.

No More Gloom

Inside a room you cannot see, there is no place to comfort me.
No place to live a bitter life.
Nor place to have all kinds of strife.
This is no place to feel despair.
It’s not a place to cut and tear.
Inside a room you cannot see, is my place to gently be.

Inside a mind you cannot see, there’s no real thoughts to comfort me.
No thoughts about a bitter life.
Nor thoughts about all kinds of strife.
There are no thoughts about despair.
You won’t find thoughts that cut and tear.
Inside a mind you cannot see, are just thoughts that carry me.

Inside a poem that you can see, are not just words to comfort thee.
Mere words about a bitter life.
Nor words about all kinds of strife.
There are no words about despair.  You won’t find words that cut and tear.
Inside a poem that you can see, flow forth words to uplift thee.

©2002 by Karen Lee.   All rights reserved

‘How to Feel’ Preface

Knowledge has two facets.  There is knowledge about basic stuff in life. For a child, it was how to tie your shoe or ride a bicycle.  For an adult it’s how to drive a car or get a job.  Then there is another kind of knowledge.  The kind we start learning as a baby, but we have no teacher, for we learn this knowledge by experiencing it.

So, this book (collection of posts) is not really going to tell you anything that you don’t already know.  Yet, it will lead you hopefully, to a soulful experience.  One, you can write (and post) about and remember, so that you will never forget.  Begin, by taking a deep breath, hold then release.  Then turn the page (read my next post).  It is time to begin this inward adventure by knowing how to start.

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