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Session One: Live Your Dream: Change your mind and help create Miracles

Time now has come for humanity as a whole to understand that a miracle is simply changing one’s mind. It is easy to say and often the most difficult thing to do.  We all have been Right Machines for many lifetimes and have defended ourselves to the death and destruction of all we believed to be the Truth to prove we were right. On this Planet Earth right now, there is an area where war and killing of innocent people has been going for centuries. The whole world has been asked to take sides.  Our United Nations of this World are divided and not in any agreement and are doing nothing to assist.  Our country has taken on the burden to be the Rescuers of all those who are being terrorized. This burden is heavy. Why US? Because the USA thinks we must take over control of the world to make it live under our own ways and standards?  Would we as a nation benefit truly from this actuality?  Are Americans fighting a war in the instigator’s country rather than our own in order to protect our way of life?  Just who is gaining from this war? It doesn’t take too many brains to answer these questions. The answers usually depend a lot on your own political point of view. Our country likes to be on the top of a list of Righteous Endeavors. My country right or wrong demands our participation in defending our rights. Is it our right to purchase oil from countries that have it?  It may be time to find another source of energy that is cleaner and cheaper. Until that happens, perhaps it is time for us to do like many foreign countries do — close our borders completely so we can take better care of our own middle class workers first before we go around helping those in other countries who threaten our way of life and the freedom that make us what and where we are today.   America, ask yourself now; Is it worth it in this day and age where we risk total annihilation of Planet Earth to continue to defend a position that may well bring about the end of life as we know it to be?  Would you rather be right or happy to just be able to live your dream without harming or hurting anyone else in the process? It is important for this planet’s people of all races to hold the space of Love on Earth.  It is and always has been our choice. But we no longer can do it alone. It is time for the rest of the nations on this planet to take care of this world and share the responsibility, equally.

Session One: Live Your Dream – “The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth”

Remember also it is important to realize that how you hold the people in your life in your mind is often how they react in your presence.  Let go of the old way of thinking of them the way they were and see the good in them and, right before your very own eyes, the miracle of change will occur all around you.  The Universe continuously changes to reflect your view of reality.  Change the way you think and what you think about and watch everything and everyone in your surroundings change. It is one of the Universal Laws.

Session One: Live Your Dream: The Miracle of Change

The Miracle of Change


People can and do change often without realizing it.  It is necessary to let go of typecasting your self and others.  To live a dream is to give up all your old tapes and accept your new reality.  So when you discover that your dream goal is a possible living reality for you to follow, you will know it is time for you to give up what you thought were limitations and perceive them as lessons that you keep creating for yourself to do.  The time has come for you to let go experiencing the same lessons — they are no longer required of you.  Time has come to set up your own practice.              Now it is time for you to use the knowledge you have gained in many lifetimes. You are about to graduate from this Earth University with a degree in “Lessons Well Learned” and are now ready to possibly really realize you have been already living your purpose this lifetime. For some of you, if you look around you with clear eyes, you may realize that you are already in the midst of your wildest dream.  For others who know, and want to know what’s next, your Dream Plan of Action if still incomplete in certain areas will assist in your realization that your job is not over yet.  You will now have to make choices among those all the avenues now opening for you during this time of your current life. 

Session One: Relationships


 If anyone close to you is an important part of your dream, be sure to share just enough of it so that the person understands and can share in the realization of your vision becoming an actual reality.  If more people are important to the dream, communicate with them in such a way that they can get excited also and realize that it is a big enough vision for them to be an essential part of it, also, or just support you by believing in you.  A vision worth living, which often includes others, will sometimes only work if there is a united energy between all involved.  Be excited and sooner or later, others who have been waiting for a similar dream to enter their lives will be ready, willing and able to take an active role in an important part of your dream vision.  One good dream surely desires to be a part of the unlimited possibilities of others.  There is no lesser or greater.  There is only the involvement in the greatest relationship of the All That Is – the Higher Self – The One Connection in Us All.

Session One: Live Your Dream – Be Your Own Best Friend

Be your own Best Friend

 You deserve to live your dream.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Give yourself a break.  Give up being all things to all people.  Allow yourself to be your own best friend.  You are worthy of all the good life has to offer in your life.  When you grow, you threaten others, they think they are going to have to grow and give up those things that don’t work for them, also.  In their own of consciousness state, if they are miserable, they may attempt to keep you with them and miserable, too.  Misery loves company.  Perhaps they do not want to step out into the unknown where there are no guarantees.  Remember no one can live other’s lives for them without their own dissatisfaction and resentment entering yours.  Ease back on yourself and go with the flow of your vision.  Always know everyone comes from choice.  Make the right choices knowing others make their own choices also.  Be easy on yourself and others.  They may believe in suffering.

Session One: Live Your Dream – Build a Support System

Build a Support System

A dream requires a supportive environment around the dreamer so it can manifest into reality.  Interact with others in an open, honest way.  Support growth and trust in others as well as yourself.  Build a united bond with others in a community sense that eliminates harmful and hurtful things around you.  An unsafe environment harms and hurts all those within it.  A hurting person is an “unsafe” person for we only are able to give others that which we give ourselves first.  Give your dream a safe surrounding to grow.  No one is liable for another person’s happiness, for it is a highly subjective state of mind and relies heavily on a person’s own spirit.  Encourage others by your own actions for a safe, secure environment is one where everyone involved is supported in establishing one’s own open communication with one’s own Inner Spirit.

Session One: Live Your Dream – Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Fuel the fire in the heart of your dream and be willing to give others time to understand you and your dream.  Be intimate with yourself and others who are a vital part of your dream.  Keep communication open so that you may realize what works and doesn’t work for you.  Don’t get stuck into control over things you have no control over.  Be open to changes that flow with the energy around you.  Allow your dream space to become all it can be while still focusing on it.  Come from Trust in Self.  Live your dream in your heart so that it can receive and store the energy that brings The Dream into actual creation. 

Session One: Live Your Dream – Be Flexible

Be Flexible

A better idea and easier way might come to you in the middle of an idea.  Check it out.  Do not rush into another way. Test the water before jumping in.  Don’t pretend you know everything.  Keep an open mind to new possibilities.  Flexibility can be one of the most powerful lessons you can give those around you who may be assisting you in pursuing your vision.  Admit to your own shortcomings and respect yourself and others will respect you back.

Session One: Live Your Dream -Challenge Your Abilities

Challenge Your Abilities

 Any dream worth living is a dream worth the gift of your time and attention.  It should stretch your capabilities and allow you to focus on challenging growth, pressing against the boundaries created by you.  Discover the leading edge of whatever you have set out to accomplish, so that you may know that it can be done by the actual doing of it in your mind. In doing so, you will realize that it is not impossible to reach.  Deep doubts and fears may come to the surface at this time.  That is to be expected for it is one of the functions of the left-brain hemisphere – to question your decisions.  Do not allow the doubts to stop your forward movement.  For if you buy into fear and stop at this point, your dream, if it is meant to be lived, will return at a later time when it may be too late for it to be truly experienced by you.  Take the time to set up achievable step-by-step goals to assure your mind that you are on the right track.  As you systemically go about accomplishing them, always have other goals to replace them when they are completed. Develop a three-month plan, a six-month plan, a one-year plan, and if needed for whatever the reason, a five-year plan.  No matter how long it takes believe it is possible for you to accomplish your goal, to live your dream. Create a plan of action that assures accomplishment and gain for all concerned. 

Remember to enjoy each step-by-step goal accomplishment also along the way.  Allow your way to give you some satisfaction.  Do not completely rely only on the accomplishment of the final goal to feel fulfillment.  The process of actually doing it is as rewarding as the final accomplishment if you keep in mind the actual creation of a dream into reality.

Session One: Live Your Dream -Vision Communication

Vision Communication

 Once you have clarified the inspirational dream into an actual vision in your mind so that you can give it substance, it has now become an idea whose time has come.  You can understand the ramifications and opportunities involved in your vision by making a pro and con list – the good that it will bring into your life and the possible sacrifices it will take for you to live your dream.  Call forth now the courage to act, for without action and continued fascination on a positive outcome (even if it is just gathering more information), a dream cannot manifest into reality.

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